We are all Poets

Asiibii’s “We Are All Poets”: A Multifaceted Journey Through Social Resonance

In the grand world of spoken word artistry, Asiibii’s latest offering, “We Are All Poets,”...
valentine gift

Valentine Gift

I don’t have a Valentine’s gift for you Not because I don’t love or cherish you But...
Hate not the poem

Hate Not The Poem, Neither The Poet

If my simile is as dry as the dust of Sahara, Don’t pour your Atlantic...


You walked out of my life and shut the door, Why, then, do you keep...
if only they knew

If Only we Knew

By Inioluwa Moses If only we knew That laughter cured more pain than tears If...


I’ve been up, and I’ve been down, I’ve toiled, and I have cried, hoping one...


By Yahya In the cold winds of a dry land A world remains unknown. In...

Dealing With A Heartbreak

Heartbreaks!! The topic is quite vast. Spent a minute trying to decide which issue to...
Fix instead

Fix Instead

By Nanyil Darko I’ve seen the look in your eyes beforeI just can’t remember where...
They mattered

They Mattered

By Ayikpo Timothy Her eyes twinkled like stars Mischievous stars And her little feet crept...

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