Dealing With A Heartbreak


Heartbreaks!! The topic is quite vast. Spent a minute trying to decide which issue to discuss. Got to start with a bang! Know what I mean? Finally, the issue I chose is… Heartbreak! I know! I know! So cliché. But humorous.

Heartbreak is an epidemic. Possibly airborne. I mean, I have experienced this disease and let me tell you, it takes control of your body. It can wreck you. I read somewhere that you can die from heartbreak. So, yeah, it’s dangerous.

Dealing and recovering from heartbreak is like handling a loss – something has died, and you’re mourning it. People cope differently. Some bury themselves in work and activities to take their minds off it. Others go through the wringer. It comes with tears, regret, hurt, loss of appetite, and sometimes, binge eating, insomnia and so on.

I’m going to give a few pointers on how to deal with heartbreak. Some are first-hand, tried, and accurate methods and others are reasonable suggestions that people give.

I have heard different methods on how to cope during a heartbreak, but they all don’t seem right. Just not altogether cohesive. We are all wired differently. What may work for my friend might not work for me. Yes, I said I don’t agree with some methods, but there are others that I wholeheartedly endorse.


If you want to cry, do it! Cry your heart out. Those gut-wrenching, back-breaking sobs that cause your whole body to convulse. Let it all out. Scream, punch a pillow, do what you feel like doing. Get out all the anger and hurt and frustration within, as much as you can. You will feel a lot better afterwards. Exhausted and drained, but better.


It may not sound healthy, but who cares about good health when you want to eat your sorrows away in ice cream or a little mountain of chocolate, anything fatty? Overeat!


Now, after all that eating, you need to burn off all those calories you’ve ingested. I hate exercising, but it’s a good way of channelling your hurt, anger and frustration and working up a sweat. You can picture the person’s face while punching a bag or something. More motivation (haha).

Love Yourself!

It is the Holy Grail. Despite the moping around, do not think less of yourself. Never feel unworthy of anything or anyone. You’re not damaged. You’re only going through a renovation period. Everything has been torn down, and it looks terrible, but it is for newer and stronger, more beautiful furnishings to be put up.


I love this one. After everything, enjoy yourself! Drink water, make your hair, nails got to be ‘fleeced out, the face needs to beat, add a little swagger to your walk, and glow, baby! Glow!

Side note: There is no definite time in which a person gets over a heartbreak. Some get over it in a matter of days, some weeks and others a long time. Don’t speed up the process. There is no rush. Go at your own pace till you are completely over it.

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