We are all Poets

Asiibii’s “We Are All Poets”: A Multifaceted Journey Through Social Resonance

In the grand world of spoken word artistry, Asiibii’s latest offering, “We Are All Poets,”...
Becky's Dream

Becky’s Dream

Heart beating Blood pumping Lipstick check Foundation and powder check The dress is on point...

I Overcame

My trial looming Sadness lasting Tears overflowing Wound not healing But I overcame My apparel...
Woman: the African tale

Woman: The African Tale

On arrival into the world, her struggles start Tutored by ancient books unwritten Termed frail...
lessons of life

Lessons of Life

I feared loveUntil it touched my heart,Making the darkness fadeInto bright sunny days I feared...
Keep moving

Keep Moving

Darkest times lead usTo brightest momentsMost painful strugglesGrant necessary growth The end of the roadIs...

Nature: God’s Gift to Man

The clouds glide slowly in the sky.The sun gazesFrom behind the cloudsSmiling eerily. The trees...
Coffin maker

To The Coffin Maker

By Olabode Oyawale (@bodewites) You make coffin for the rich and poor, A home better...
A gem

A Gem

Shall I compare you to the sun? You light up the world with ease. Shall...
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