Becky's Dream

Becky’s Dream

Heart beating Blood pumping Lipstick check Foundation and powder check The dress is on point...

I Overcame

My trial looming Sadness lasting Tears overflowing Wound not healing But I overcame My apparel...
Woman: the African tale

Woman: The African Tale

On arrival into the world, her struggles start Tutored by ancient books unwritten Termed frail...
lessons of life

Lessons of Life

I feared loveUntil it touched my heart,Making the darkness fadeInto bright sunny days I feared...
Keep moving

Keep Moving

Darkest times lead usTo brightest momentsMost painful strugglesGrant necessary growth The end of the roadIs...

Nature: God’s Gift to Man

The clouds glide slowly in the sky.The sun gazesFrom behind the cloudsSmiling eerily. The trees...
Coffin maker

To The Coffin Maker

By Olabode Oyawale (@bodewites) You make coffin for the rich and poor, A home better...
A gem

A Gem

Shall I compare you to the sun? You light up the world with ease. Shall...
the rebellion manifesto

to hell with armistice (the rebellion’s official manifesto)

i.i have a gunbetween my legsand I’m not afraid to shoot each bulletwill rip through...
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