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Dream Team

Nigeria’s 1996 Dream Team’s Journey to Olympic Gold

It’s been 27 years since Nigeria’s Dream Team achieved a historic feat by winning the...
Ghana Must Go

The Ghana Must Go Saga

For many years, Nigeria and Ghana have had a complex relationship marked by brotherly rivalry,...

When Best Friends become Strangers: The IBB-Vatsa Conspiracy

Paranoia was always an issue among top military leaders across Africa. They always felt someone...
Umaru Dikko

Umaru Dikko and The Infamous Diplomatic Bag

The second republic (1979 – 1983) was a tough time for many Nigerians. A government...
Women's war

The Women’s War of 1929

In early Colonial Nigeria, women did not really have a say in society. They were...
Rwanda's scars

Rwanda’s Scars

I was born after the genocide in Rwanda. April 7 1994, is a date I would never...

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