Valentine Gift

valentine gift

I don’t have a Valentine’s gift for you

Not because I don’t love or cherish you

But I don’t think one gift or a package of them is enough for you

Neither do I think twenty-four hours is enough to express my love for you

You are a present from God to me that turns my every minute into a gift so much that the most minute time without you seems dead

And I think the best gift to give you is to be a gift to you too

To love and cherish you so much your heart will always be warm

Pumping active red blood as red as my love for you goes round and intoxicates you with joy

This valentine and any other after I’d give you my heart to hold now and forever

And I’d hold yours well more careful than an egg

Forever is probably enough time to show my love for you – not one day.

Happy Valentines day.

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