Closed Door

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Closed door

I wonder why, when it comes down to it all,

why we seem to forget history.

You know me, I know you

you’ve acknowledged and praised my qualities

but in the very instant when things are not right,

you forget.

The very minute you get inconvenienced or feel slighted,

my track record is suddenly forgotten

You could give me the benefit of doubt

instead you choose to believe the worst of me

Now all is said and done,

and I have been found blameless

you want us to go back to normal


After you took a sledgehammer to our brick wall of trust

Unlike you, I take note.

I hide these things in my heart.

This is yet another tally mark in your column;

the deciding vote that you do this too many times to be let back in.

Last modified: April 12, 2021

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