Becky’s Dream

Becky's Dream

Heart beating

Blood pumping

Lipstick check

Foundation and powder check

The dress is on point

Colour combination is a goal

Her heels on her feet

Purse in her hands

Smile unfiltered

She walks into the room

Camera all set

Head raised

Chin held high

Microphone in hand

Throat cleared

She begins her remark:

A year with you is nothing but the best

A walk with you has to be fruitful

It was a year of experience, inspiration, recreation, and excitement

I’ve learned how to grow and regrow, learn and relearn, do and undo

My passion became heighten and procrastination took the backseat

Just in one year,

My heart became larger,

The vision became glaring,

My pursuit even stronger

Strength grew even bigger.

All in that year,

My feeling became firmer

My impact took me global

My speech became daring

My footprint became an influence

In that year,

My desires left me wowing

My popularity left me astonished

I became the most wanted

The medals got even bigger

In just one year,

I was made.

With her face covered in saliva,

Becky awoke for it was all a dream.

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