Woman: The African Tale

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On arrival into the world, her struggles start

Tutored by ancient books unwritten

Termed frail by society

Within her household schooled

Her daily tales are stories of who she is

Her reality is like drama scripted for her to play out:

At a tender age she’s taught the basic of life; how to walk, dress, sit, sleep, and talk

At age 4 to 8, showed her place in society: a wife

“She is a wife,” they say, cease her books and show her the kitchen

At age 9 to 12, “teach her to keep her dignity” they say, her husband wants her chaste:

She’s taught the tales of the wise virgins

At age 13 to 15, teach her to cover up, or she faces assault

If her dress is not acceptable, call her a prostitute

At age 16 to 20, ready to embrace her full nature: womanhood.

Explain womanhood to her

At age 21 to 25, full nature unleashed, and her groom can come for her:

The tales of where is your husband is sang

At age 26 to 30, she is mature and getting old,

Single: stigmatise her

Married: question how she runs her home

No child: question her upbringing

Pregnant: question how she births her child

At child delivery: question her mode of delivery

Cesarean delivery: she is weak

No male child: she has failed

Age 30 and above, she should live for her children alone.

In Africa today, womanhood is hard work.

The margin between male and female specie is clear.

The birth of a girl child is akin to a ‘curse’ than joy.

Cage her then tag her acceptable.

Render her voiceless then tag her submissive.

Is this all that is to womanhood?


Let the female child be free to live

Let the female child have a will to live

Let her hope to stay alive

Without fear, let her find herself


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