Iyenani Zabadi

Let’s Talk About Consent

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, and although there are a lot of topics to...
Other Holidays

4 Other Holidays Celebrated in December

When we hear ‘December’, most of us think ‘Christmas’ and that is true. However, there...
Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Today, I’d like to share some facts and things about Malcolm X with you. I...
Naija love

#NaijaLove – The Playlist

As we gear up for Valentine’s day tomorrow,  here are some smooth tunes to mark...

Christmas – The Playlist

I really love that Christmas songs remind us of what’s important. The songs talk about...
Winter tunes

Winter Tunes – The Playlist

It’s my favourite time of the year and to kick off our ‘12 days of...
New love

New Love – The Playlist

Lately, I have had the privilege of watching love spring between two people and it’s...

Heartbreak -The Playlist

As requested and promised, I will be posting playlists from time to time. Here is...

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