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New love

Lately, I have had the privilege of watching love spring between two people and it’s been interesting to watch the whole dance and dynamic they are forming. More than anything, it is beautiful to see how they are learning to trust and be vulnerable. As D’banj said ‘don’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing’ and he is completely right. Love is an amazing choice to make especially when it is with the right person.

In my previous post, we had gone through the heartbreak playlist and you know, it can be tough learning to love again. That doesn’t however, mean you shouldn’t try. So if you’re catching the love bug, this one’s for you!

Begin Again by Taylor Swift

This beautiful number by Taylor Swift shows the inner battle one goes through when trying to trust and love again. She does something we all do; compare the prospective boyfriend with the old one. However, she finds that they are different and although the ex made her feel a certain type of way about love, now she can see that this new guy could change that.

There’s No Way by Lauv ft Julia Michaels

This song is about chemistry that will probably end up in a relationship. For some reason, they have been resisting the feelings that were forming, trying to keep their walls up. Now they know that they can’t outrun each other any longer. 

I feel it Coming by The Weekend ft. Daft Punk

The Weekend acknowledges that the girl is scared to try again with him because of her past experiences. He goes on to assure her that he intends to take the time she needs to get her on board.

End Game by Taylor Swift ft Future & Ed Sheeran

This song really shows the mindset of one who has been hurt so many times. Taylor rather not get involved with this new guy if the relationship won’t be taken seriously; if she won’t be his end game.

Lights Down Low by Max

So apart from Max’s mad vocals on this track, it is so sweet. How he says ‘heaven only knows where you’ve been, but I don’t really need to know. But I know where you’re gonna go’. Now that right there is someone who is ready to build something new and strong! Get you a Max girl!

Delicate by Taylor Swift

This song is a really vulnerable one. She really is trying to test the waters, find a dynamic between her and her new guy. I like how she admits though, what she feels about him.

Still Falling for You by Ellie Goulding

So I’ve heard people say, ‘all of a sudden, he/she was everything I never knew I wanted’. It’s like one day you didn’t really feel so much but just like that, you are overcome with all these emotions and your whole world revolves around that special someone.

Lay With me by The Phantoms ft Vanessa Hudgens

Although Vanessa doesn’t know if this is love yet, she wants to be with this person all the time. She may not know where it’s going but she is here for it nonetheless. 

Capital Letters by Blood Pop, Hailee Steinfield

There is something about love that can make things bright, sunny, rosy. When someone is in it for the long haul with you, they help you bring out the best in yourself. 

Peer Pressure by James Bay ft Julia Michaels

This song is by some of my fave artists. It really just speaks to the excitement and chaos that surrounds a new relationship. The rush could be good and sometimes bad but we are focusing on the good today.

Indulge by Jones

For some reason, Jones has waited a long time to finally be in a relationship with this person, and now that it is happening, she is here for it! She wants to indulge – allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of – in her lover.

Nothing Like You by Dan + Shay

This song just reminds me of the joy one feels when they think of their love interest now that the relationship has come a long way. How they met, their inside jokes, their friendship.

I’ll wait for you by Moriah Peters

We can all agree that when love is meant to be, it comes at just the right time. Some people meet their soul mates years before they actually fall in love and don’t even imagine that they would end up together but you see in God’s time, everything is made perfect. 

Dance to This by Troye Sivan ft Ariana Grande

So whenever I hear this song, I cannot NOT listen to it at least five times on repeat! I don’t know why, but there is something about the song that says ‘I’m gonna dance and be happy because I love someone and I am okay with everything about that person.

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