What Is Your Decision Quotient?

Written by | Betta Yans

Decision Quotient

Unarguably, when listening to an inspirational speech or when reading an inspirational or a challenging book, almost everybody gets filled with an immediate determination to do something or to change some part of his or her life. But after some time, the fire dies out for some people. The people who simply talk about doing, but seldom follow through, have a decision quotient of 2:10 or 2:20 – for every 10 0r 20 decisions they make, they act only twice.

A decision quotient is a measure of the result of the things you have resolved to do. And the perfect quotient is 1:1, meaning that each time we resolve to do something, we do it. Anybody can achieve that.

However, the most effective people in the world have a decision quotient of 3:4 or 2:4, meaning that for every four decisions they make, they act on two or three of them. This simply implies that if you can minimize the distance between decision and real action, you can be effective and successful – because success is the result of preparation and opportunity intersecting at a specific time. In other words, do not postpone or procrastinate with your vision.

Speaking with Ifeoluwa Atofarati, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Sarauta found out that time is more than just money when working on your goals. She said, “I take time to make decisions because I have to plan well. But I try not to waste time working on the goals that can take forever for me to achieve because time is valuable. So I start with the goals I can achieve now”.

A lad, who requested anonymity, suggested that in order to have an effective DQ, we should ensure that something reminds us about our decision day-by-day. He also advised that when we remember, we should do something about it. “Remembering to do it, but not doing it is not worthwhile”, he said. “What makes our decision worthwhile is when we take up real action after remembering what we have resolved to do.”

Last modified: April 11, 2021

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What Is Your Decision Quotient?

  1. Success Obadiah says:

    Beautiful piece you’ve got here, kudos !! more strength to your elbow. After reading this, I hope to minimize the distance between decision and real action.

    1. Thank you, Success. And your decision would be great.

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