How To Prepare For Incredible Music Festival 2024.

Incredible Music

 In a few days, the doors will open for the Incredible Music Festival 2024 in the beautiful city of Jos, Plateau State. This marks the second edition of the festival, successfully launched in 2022. The Incredible Music Festival has become a leading authority in delivering extraordinary musical experiences and revitalizing the creative economy, especially in the city of Jos. Initially scheduled for New Year’s Day, the event was postponed out of respect for lives lost on Christmas Eve in Mangu and Bokkos areas of Plateau State. Nevertheless, this highly anticipated return brings an exciting three-day event package scheduled from February 22nd to February 24th.

Day one of the festival features a workshop and opening ceremony at Crest Hotel at 10 am. On day two, a panel discussion and networking event will be held at Gowon Hall in Crispan Hotel. The grand finale takes place on Saturday, the 24th, showcasing a gospel concert, a hip-hop showcase featuring battle rap, and the Choc Boiz homecoming with M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, and Ice Prince.

Amidst the excitement building up for the festival, it’s easy to either overpack or risk missing essential items for the concert. To ease this dilemma, Sarauta has crafted a starter’s guide, your compass for navigating every moment of the event. From crucial necessities like your ticket and cash to often overlooked yet valuable items like a warm sweater, here’s a comprehensive list to consider. Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a returning festival enthusiast, this guide is tailored to enhance your experience.

Incredible Music
A Panel Session on Mental Health will take place on the 23rd of February


  • Regular tickets: 3,000 naira
  • VIP tickets: 10,000 naira
  • VVIP tickets: 250,000 naira

This ticket grants you a wristband, serving as your sole access pass throughout the festival. Remember, wristbands are issued just once, so keeping them secure on your hand is paramount for event entry. Visit for ticket purchases.


Numerous vendors will populate the festival, offering diverse food and drink options. To savour these offerings hassle-free, ensure you carry enough cash to indulge in these delights. Being caught hungry without means to pay isn’t ideal. Additionally, having your ATM cards handy facilitates transactions through POS machines.


The harmattan season blankets Jos in dust, heightening the risk of catching various forms of flu. Safeguard yourself from contracting communicable diseases during the festival by wearing a facemask.

Portable Charger

The Incredible Music Festival has a star-studded list of performances lined up for the event. Your battery can run down after spending so much time at the festival. However, you can avoid the dread of a drained phone battery during your favourite act’s spotlight moment by carrying a portable charger to keep your phone powered throughout the festival.

Incredible Music
Incredible Muisc Festival comes with a line up of great musical talents


As Jesse Jagz once rhymed, “I come from the town where it nearly snows/yet you never know what the air will blow.” Jos city’s weather can get quite cold with temperatures as low as 10 degrees, especially for those coming from outside Jos. Dress warmly with a sweater, jacket, or hoodie. Tea will most likely be sold at the venue, so consider purchasing a cup of tea to stay warm.

Comfortable Shoes

The Incredible Music Festival is hosted at Crest Hotel and Gardens, where standing, dancing, and jumping will likely be involved. Equip yourself with comfortable shoes to glide seamlessly through these activities and ensure an unforgettable experience.

Hand Sanitizers, Wipes, and Tissues

While the impact of the coronavirus may have diminished, upholding sanitary measures and cleanliness remains crucial. Pack wipes, hand sanitisers, and tissues to enhance your festival experience. These items are portable and fit neatly into a bag.


Gather all the aforementioned essentials into a bag for convenient navigation, preferably not in a pocket. Opt for a shoulder bag, fanny pack, or cross-body bag to keep your belongings secure. A tote bag, due to its open structure, might pose a risk of someone reaching in and pilfering your items.

The Incredible Music Festival assures a memorable experience, one you wouldn’t want to miss. Anticipating your presence there!

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