Betta Yans
Faith or Fate


The severity of this concept has slipped our minds. In the modern world, fate is...
The fight for joy

The Fight for Joy

Joy. Joy is what keeps us going. It’s our engine. Let me explain. We all...

Overcoming Depression

Depression is selfish and self-centered. It makes your entire focus and thoughts to be centered...
Self worth

2019: A Lesson in Self-Worth

2019 is here! I don’t know what goals you’ve set for yourself this year; whatever...
CS Lewis

Why C.S Lewis Created

“One of the dangers of having a lot of money is that you may be...
My own shoes

I Want My Own Shoes

My dad walked downstairs cradling a bag of old shoes and clothes which belonged to...
Do the work

Do The Work

Have you ever sat and wondered why you can’t get certain things done? That is,...

Solitude: To Be Endured or Enjoyed?

We’ve all been alone in our lives. We are born alone and we die alone...
Critical thinking

Critical Thinking & the Throttle into Harmful Self-Criticism

By Nentapmun Gomwalk Human psychology is one of the things that constantly amazes me. It...

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Faith or Fate
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