Overcoming Depression


Depression is selfish and self-centered. It makes your entire focus and thoughts to be centered on yourself – on your problems. It feels normal, but this can lead to a disaster if not defeated. Dwelling on it effects self-pity, but not doing that causes healing. Sometimes, it is impossible to be healed completely even after therapy.

So, what can you do when depression is lying in an ambush after therapy?

Be selfless. Focus on other people. Focus on their problems. This is the first weapon against depression. You can try to assist people physically. Give your time and attention to someone else’s problem. One way to do this is to help at children’s shelter. You will be able to be yourself around simple children without feeling pressured.

Be thankful. Count your blessings and name them one by one. Look around you; you have so much to be thankful for, so much to live for. Have you ever realized the events that took place, since the inception of the universe, to ensure your birth? This positive attitude is an utmost strength that can fight off depression.


Caring for others helps fight depression because it changes your focus from yourself and your problems to a selfless point. It makes you feel good and improves your relationships even if you don’t struggle with depression. And gratitude, oh, it performs miracles on its own.

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