Election Day: Songs to boost your morale

Election songs

The last few months have been filled with election campaigns and preparations both from the candidates and the citizens. A lot of people have expressed their frustration with the current administration and are ready to side with whoever is most likely to defeat them, others are fully loyal to the current administration and believe in the next-level dream while others are tired of the things as they are and just want a new Nigeria. Whichever part of the puzzle you fit into, you can only express your sentiments by going out on the day of the polls to cast your vote.

We came up with some songs that show Nigerian society, to keep you entertained and focused as you head to the polling booth and to inspire you to vote wisely while you wait in line to cast your vote. Some of these songs are more than a decade old while others are as young as January 2019. So slap on your headphones, press play and enjoy



Talk saw Falz continue the political commentary he began on last years “This is America.�? With relatable bars like Four-year tenure three-year holiday… paints a picture of what we have endured as a country. The President has been inaccessible to most of the country, from the media to the everyday citizen. He has also spent a lot of time seeking medical care from the United Kingdom despite making promises on banning medical tourism while he was running for office back in 2015. You can also buy or stream the moral instruction album on streaming platforms.



When we ask our government when they go give us light? Them say na 2010….. The power issue has been one of the major hindrances to Nigeria’s development since the country’s inception. Many governments have come, made promising comments about the power sector and left with no reasonable impact. Towards the end of the Goodluck Jonathan era, power policies favoured the distribution of electricity with hopes of better output, but things are still the same. Sound Sultan reminded us of what the government promised in 2010. This is 2019 and the power sector still needs a total transformation


Election Day: Songs to boost your morale

SDC Clone wars 1

When the first instalment of the clone wars series dropped, one standout track was “Victoria Island of Broken Dreams�? Everyone delivered superbly on this one and the production too was excellent but Poe took it up a notch and went fully political; it’s sad how we do things/there’s trouble in the government/they roll with tinted windows/wonder if they see the suffering… giving a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a top Nigerian Politician. Sirens blaring, tinted cars speeding by and it makes one wonder if these people actually remember the average citizen that voted them into power.


Election Day: Songs to boost your morale

Eldee Return of the King Album

This should be the anthem as we march to the polling booth to cast our votes. It’s been more than ten years since Eldee the Don put out “I Go Yarn�? and every problem stated is still a major problem in Nigeria. From our leaders travelling to foreign countries but come back to Nigeria and can’t emulate what they saw there, to lack of power, poor access to clean water and many other societal problems. Eldee said it as it is on this one and it is still a wakeup call to Nigerians.


Election Day: Songs to boost your morale

Fela released Zombie in 1976

Fela’s music has transcended beyond his generation and is still as relevant as it was when it came out in the 70s and 80s. He took bold and direct shots at the military and compared them to zombies. The 2019 elections are around the corner and soldiers expected at the Polling Units. The President has given them the authority to deal with ballot box snatchers. If things get tough between you and a soldier, instead of arguing or reacting in a hostile way, just plug-in your earpiece and press play on this one


Ministry of Corruption by Kahli Abdu

The two rappers to successfully sample Fela’s works are Kahli Abdu on his Ministry of Corruption Tape and Falz on Moral Instruction. Kahli Abdu took his time to talk about the country throughout the tape. Demo Crazy explains the biased government we tag a democracy in Nigeria.Bars like So the military-ruled until 1999 took their uniforms off and got back on their grind…. Let’s you see that the military are still fully in the picture of who becomes Nigeria’s leader. President Buhari wasn’t in power in 2010 when this came out,  but he has helped this song age well. We don’t need to go into details of how he made a lot of decisions with an iron fist. Demo Crazy has been prominent in the country for some years now.



Remove Jos from this record and the story told here can fit into Benue, Taraba, Nassarawa, Plateau and many other states around Nigeria. Having spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Jos and moved to Lagos to become a superstar, MI was deeply hurt by the calamity that had befallen the city he once called homeJtown I miss how you were/tell me how did this occur/my memories of peace are a blur/driving through the city thinking this is not her…. The security challenges in Nigeria is worse than ever despite security being one of the cardinal points of the present administration. The herders and farmers crisis in the North Central region, Boko Haram remains a threat to the Northern Region and many other insecurity issues around the country. Wild Wild West offers an opportunity for reflection for cities that have been marred by violence in the past years



Show Dem Camp blessed Nigerians with their third studio album “Clone Wars 4: These Buhari Times�? on New Year’s Day. The album contains political commentary on the state of the Nation from top to bottom but Shadow of Doubt asked an important question; we export oil how about our refineries/are we married to corruption or is it like a disease…. We can’t get our refineries to function at an optimum level, OcuppyNigeria came and went, and the subsidy was removed and no visible achievement to show for it. The corruption in almost every sector of the country is difficult to explain. Corruption was the major campaign objective of the present administration. A lot of money has gone missing. No one is in jail legally.



When 2face and MI come together, they always create conscious music that leaves you pondering. During the build-up to their and breathless concert in 2016, the two linked up for the track “Babylon�? which reflected what the country was going through at that time. A serious recession and the government not showing any serious effort to curb the problem. Oh Lord, the people are hurting/the people are searching/nothing is working…. Were words that mirrored what 2016 Nigeria felt like. Things weren’t moving in Nigeria at that point and people were grumbling over the change they were promised.



After all is said and done, we have to Spread love and heal the world. A lot of bloodshed and violence have taken place in the past years. Nigeria as a country needs healing, we need a leader that is going to stand firm and defend his citizens. A lot of inter-ethnic clashes have taken place, people have lost loved ones to Police brutality and the mayhem around the country. Forgiveness and healing are desperately emphasized here in Nigerian society. Patoranking’s “Heal the world�? sets you in that mood that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Vote Wisely!

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