#TrendingonTwitter: Peruzzi Vs Pamilerin

Peruzzi vs Pamilerin

Hi everyone! So yesterday Twitter was on fire with trends of similar hashtags. #Peruzzi, #Pamilerin, #Pampam #ObalendeTravisScott were some of the names used to describe DMW crewman, Peruzzi and Twitter influencer, Pamilerin.  Rumour had it that they were both in attendance at an occasion when Peruzzi sighted Pampam (as he is fondly called), and ordered his bouncer to hold him down while he slapped him. This caused a frenzy on Twitter as Pamilerin is a famous twitter influencer and Peruzzi, a celebrity musician.

Pamilerin confirmed the attack through his Twitter page yesterday by sharing a picture of his red eye and marks on his face. Everyone was aghast wondering why a famous celebrity would assault someone in public unexpectedly and all of the social media was filled with insults hurled at Peruzzi. Eventually, the reason was traced back to the headies awards which held early this year. Both Peruzzi and Teni were on the nomination list for the Next Rated award but Teni emerged winner while Peruzzi went on a rant about him being more deserving of the award than she was. This caused everyone to drop their two cents or in this case, pound, on who deserved the award more. Pamilerin was one of those people. As an influencer, he might have been hired to hype for Teni but he did this while putting Peruzzi down. He wrote some mean tweets about Peruzzi. In his words I quote, “Can somebody tell Peruzzi to shut up, Uncle, release a single without featuring anyone first let’s see how far you can go with that”. This is just one of the thread of tweets he posted and apparently, Peruzzi held this grudge for months and he waited for the right time to attack Pamilerin.

Anyway, Pamilerin said he’s suing, but it’s looking like they are going to settle it out of court after Peruzzi apologized for getting in his feelings and Davido also apologized on his behalf.

Some people think Pamilerin deserved to be slapped while most are against Peruzzi claiming that Pamilerin only stated the truth.

Personally, I do not support either of them. The truth is bitter, yes, but it has to be told with love and not destructively. We should remember that we as humans have emotions no matter how tough we look on the outside. Let us try not to belittle people and talk down their hard work. Everyone is struggling with something in their lives and being a cyberbully doesn’t make you better than anyone. No one in this world likes to hear that someone else is better than them especially if they are constantly working on themselves. This only puts them down and make them hang on to hate. Also, assault is wrong, and we should realise that there’s always going to be negative talk. Not everyone is going to be your support and you are your only true cheerleader. So if you are satisfied with your life, that’s what matters, and if you are not, then go ahead and improve, for your own sake, blow your trumpet and eventually, your success will be made public. This is the true way to fight haters.

How TwitterNG sees Perruzi after slapping Pamilerin.#OnitshaQuavo#AmoebaT-pain#EgbedaLucky dube#FatSpeedDarlington#ObalendeTravisScott

— D E H S H I N A (@DehShina) June 10, 2019

If you like amebo like me and want the whole story, just check the hashtags I typed above. Even #ObalendeTravisScott you won’t miss it. Trust me.

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