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Hi everyone! I’m back again with the latest episode from Twitter gist. So did y’all see what was trending about 4-5 days ago? The hashtag for it was Lagos to Ibadan. For those who do not know the gist, you should read this summary and then maybe check the hashtag.

The story is that this girl Dami, was declared missing and her disappearance went viral on Twitter with her family and friends and the general public crying and praying for her and retweeting so she can be found. Guess what! You might not believe it but it turns out that Dami was not really missing, she FAKED her own abduction to travel from  Lagos to Ibadan to spend 3 days with this guy and when she got back she lied about being kidnapped and raped. Imagine what you lie about?? The funny thing is while they were posting her pictures and looking for her, the guy she was with was also retweeting and asking people to find her, basically corroborating her story so he would not be suspected. Imagine lying comfortably on your back, reading about your alleged abduction, while your parents are panicking and scared for your life. Imagine making out and having sex too.  I honestly think that it’s wicked.

This news came out by one of her friends who was replying and subbing her on the famous “O jewa ka eng”.  Nobody is sure how the truth came about but it’s sure going to be messy for her. This Dami is a Covenant University student who was on Industrial Training (IT).

This is an insult to people who have actually been kidnapped or raped. I don’t know if she even thought about this carefully or if she even considered for a minute that this lie she told would begin to invalidate these people’s stories. Kidnap and rape is very sensitive and shouldn’t be used as an alibi for one’s issues. I also don’t know if she thought about the stress this would cause her parents or embarrassment rather, now that it’s been found to be a lie. Plus, how do you go on this journey without even telling one friend of yours at least? For safety reasons.

Anyway, this opens up some questions we need to ask ourselves. Why did she need to lie such a terrible lie? Why didn’t she inform any of her close friends? Why did she need to lie at all?

Her parents come off to me as really strict people who barely let her go out. I mean, she could have lied that she was going to have a sleepover at a friend’s and ask the friend to corroborate her story, she could have lied that she needed to do research for her IT project in Ibadan or something, she honestly would have come up with better lies other than this grave one but she probably knew this was the only one that could let her go.

Also, let’s talk about her friends; she must really not trust them for her to not tell them. Even runs girls have their friends who know where they would be.  For me, they lived up to the distrust. If my friend did such a terrible thing, I would scold her, probably report her to her parents but just die the matter down on social media.  It’s not a good thing but as a friend, I would try to protect you so that next time, you can trust me to have your back. This might not end well for her. She has trended and Covenant University is not a school that jokes with its name or its students so she could be expelled for this, which would be well deserved, but would not be fair to her family.

Also, why is sex something that we’re afraid to talk to our family about? She’s an adult and should be well educated and left to her discretion. Maybe that would have made things better, maybe her parents would have known she was going to see this guy, found out about him, given her advice and let her go. It’s better than pretending I think.

…but, it’s just my opinion.  And this is based on assumptions but we should try looking at it from a discussion point.

Don’t forget to check the hashtag y’all!

Last modified: April 14, 2021

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