Reflections and Resolutions

reflections and resolutions

What’s Christmas like for you?

It’s that awesome time of the year again, where we listen to the most amazing songs and eat till our jaws drop. Where we sing our hearts out and where we’re in our happiest place. Well, for me. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Not just the holidays but the vibe, the sheer happiness that comes from celebrating with people, the kindness, the music, now is the time I get to sing along to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas at the top of my voice because this is really the only time it makes sense to make some noise. I also use this opportunity to chip in my favourite Carey’s songs just because.

This period is one for celebration but it’s also one for sober reflections and the best time to make resolutions. We usually wait for the new year or maybe New Year’s Eve to do this but do you know why Christmas is the best time to do this? Because you can cut yourself some slack. You can celebrate your wins and count your losses without being harsh on yourself and with some hope of better. Also, what better time to show self-love? 

So while reflecting on your year this Christmas I’ll leave you with things to remember

– Focus more on your gains, if there are no gains, focus on your growth. You’re one step further than when you were last year and that means a lot.

– Think about all the tasks you completed. It might not look like much but if you’re like me, an ardent procrastinator, finishing different tasks I set for myself is a win. Why? It takes me closer to my goal.

I was at my grandmother’s burial just a few days ago and we had priests and pastors come around to mourn with us. Although it is the norm for everyone to talk about how good she was, it made me realize that change is not the constant thing, death is. Your life on earth is not going to matter to you when you die, in fact, nothing matters when you’re dead. The only evidence of our lives here on earth would be memories in people’s hearts, stories about us passed down to our children and theirs. Don’t push people down on your way up because nothing you accumulate would ever matter when you’re gone. The only memories left would be those of love or of disgust. Which brings me to my 3rd point,

– Love people. Love fiercely and be intentional about it. This is not just about impacting the world. Yes, that is great but would it really matter in the end? If it would, who would you wish it mattered most to? If everyone in the world forgets you know that your family will never.

Finally, the body of life is its uncertainty. Nothing is written in stone. Life is fluid. Live in faith, not fear. Fear makes you want to be certain about everything and if you’re certain about everything then where’s beauty in the complexity of life? It only takes a moment for your life to change. Remember that and live. Truly live. Remember life is a journey, not a destination.

So this night, just in time before Christmas, while you’re intentionally having a detty December, eating till your stomach can’t take any more food and laughing while clutching at your stomach, be intentional about your life. Live life, love life, create life.

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