Communicating with an Ex (When Married)

communicating with an ex

We are very glad to get married to the person we love, but some partners, though they now belong to someone else, they are still tied to their ex. They just cannot let go. Rather than break such bonds, they continually give reasons why they cannot do away with such relationships.

In fact, some say that the relationships are harmless and their partners should not bother about them.

But the question is “Would you still communicate with your ex after you’re married, or is marriage the end?”

In a recent poll I conducted on Twitter, the response was balanced. In other words, 50 per cent responded affirmatively, while 50 per cent said no.

For those who said no, their reasons were very simple. One of them, Prisca Emadu, a mother of two said “Why should we communicate? It is not unusual to talk once in a while (for very cogent reasons). But having consistent communication via several mediums is not acceptable.”

“I don’t believe in being friends after a breakup.  You are an ‘ex’, so please stay that way”.

Speaking further, she said “Let’s all bear in mind that, there was an emotional attachment in that relationship before. That ‘ex’ knows you to an extent.  You don’t want to awaken those emotions. The fire may not be burning, but ashes can still start a fire too.”

“One of my personal mantras is “No start wetin you no fit finish.”’

Concurring with Emadu, another respondent Lami Jonathan said ” Please don’t test how strong you are, if you can’t overcome temptation.”

“It is better not to walk right into temptation because you might be shocked at your reaction”, she added.

According to, the article “Can you be friends with an ex once you’re married”, by Lea Rose Emery, stated “Being friends with an ex can be choppy waters to navigate, whether you’re married or not. But marriage might be a good time to evaluate any confusing friendships and decide whether they’re genuine — and whether they’re worth it.”

“Keep in mind how much this person means to you, and how many roles they’ve played in your life, then talk to your partner. And, above all, remember that honesty is key”, the article added.

Meaning Counts

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