The Youth are the Future

This is something that is very true and logical – the future of the world and any country in it are the youth.

At Sarauta we are determined and committed to celebrating Young Nigerians who have gone forward and done excellent things. Who have honed their skills, talents and intelligence and taken them to world class level some even leaving the shores of Nigeria.

Today we shall be celebrating one of such young people Augsburg Habila. Augsburg is a young Medical Student of the University of Jos who earlier in the week performed as a guitarists at the World Youth Forum in Egypt – performing in front of many world leaders and people. Augsburg has used playing the guitar as simple as it may seem and perfected it to the point of making a name for himself.

We won’t tell you much about Augsburg and his performance because Sarauta Magazines Nenkinan Deshi interviewed Augsburg and got his story from his mouth (and fingers) himself. Enjoy the read and be inspired to work on your own “small” craft.

Q. Hello Augsburg Please tell us about yourself

A. Well, my name is Augsburg Habila. I’m a medical student in the university of Jos. I’m a “Jos” boy but originally from Adamawa State.

Q. The world Youth Forum wow. How did you get on such a big stage?

A. A friend of mine sent me a link which I didn’t see on time till few days to the deadline. Few days after I got a call asking me to send a video of me but I didn’t have a phone then and it was night and there was no light. I had no idea what song to play because I had no idea how the panel of selectors were, So I just picked up my guitar and a lamp with my laptop to do a video. The video and audio quality was really poor but I decided if its meant to be it will happen. And after that I got an email inviting me to perform at the World Youth Forum. Its funny because I was told I was selected to come 5 seconds into watching my video.

Q. How did you feel when the invitation to be at the Forum came?

A. I was really excited at first, but then I started thinking if it was a scammer trying to get the best of me. I told a couple of friends and family but some were like “when did I start playing the guitar that i’m getting invited to play out of Nigeria haha”.

Q. Performing in front of so many. How did it feel?

A. I can still remember how nervous I was before going on stage, my hands were shaking and my voice too. I tried to listen to some hip hop (MI Abaga in particular) to calm myself down and it worked but only for a moment. I was told I would not see the audience when I get on stage because the spotlight was on me and the audience will be dark. But I saw every single one of them, I was really scared but as soon as I picked up the guitar I could hear a voice saying “You got this”. And the fear left me, I played with passion and I had fun on stage. Few months back, Ice Prince reposted my video on Instagram and he was like I shouldn’t stop, it was probably nothing to him but it inspired me a lot and encouraged me to keep pushing.

Q. How has life and the journey as an instrumentalists been for you in Nigeria?

A. You know here in Nigeria most of us instrumentalist would just play in bands, or play on someone’s song in the studio. But I don’t think it has to end there. Music is an art and not just a particular thing like singing or rapping. After all I got to perform for the president of Egypt and other great leaders. I still hope to someday perform in front of my president.

Q. What do you think the Nigerian government can do to support artists like you?

A. The World Youth Forum sends a message of peace, prosperity, harmony and progress to the entire world.

The country Egypt has been through violent unrest and the President has identified young people of various crafts to heal the country. That is why so much was invested in organising for the second time this year on a global scale.

The Nigerian government can do similar to ease the tensions and appreciate youths with talents.

If the government could create a platform or events where talents could be seen or heard. I saw how the Egyptian government supports its youth with so much passion. I believe our government is so capable of doing the same.

Q. What plans do you have for your musical future and what plans do you have to mentor other guitarists?

A. Well, I want to be known you know? Not just as some guitarist but as That awesome guitarist who is also a doctor.
I’m not sure if I’m worthy to be a mentor to other guitarists yet. However, I plan on helping out as many as who will reach out to me.

Q. Say one last thing to us

A. Believe in yourself even if no one does, keep working and keep being you.

Well you’ve read Augsburgs Story and seen his success – use it as inspiration to be bigger than you are now and to shine. We keep complaining of how our age old song says “We are the leaders of tomorrow” and tomorrow isn’t forthcoming but this is also how we lead tomorrow not only in academics.

Thank you for reading and good luck in whatever you do.

Written by : Nenkinan Deshi

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  1. Rejoice David-Decker November 10, 2018 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    Augsburg Habila is a great guitarist an awesome one at that. He deserves to be known round the world. He deserves an award.

  2. Bright Habila November 10, 2018 at 2:04 pm - Reply

    Nice one

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