10 Girl Power Songs

girl power

In the spirit of Women’s day, I’d like to share with you 10 songs from my very extensive GIRL POWER playlist.

Independent Women

This is definitely number one. This song has been taken to mean many things but the message I choose to take from it is, ‘become something for yourself. Establish yourself. Don’t depend on anyone.


Express Yourself

Madonna is telling us in this song to choose what is best for us. We should be the queens that we are and queens do not settle.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Okay, even though this one is way before my time, it is such a bop! And the lyrics! Cyndi Lauper, yes! Girls want to have fun. Period.

Can’t Hold Us Down

I think when it comes to the issue of women’s rights and equality, Christina Aguilera has always been spot on. This number with Lil’ Kim inspires us to speak up regardless of all the people and structures set up by society to hold us down.


Fall in Line

Again in this powerful duet with Demi Lovato, Christina reminds us that speaking out or fighting for our rights as women is not always easy and many of us have been burnt at the stake – figuratively and literally. However, we should keep up the good fight. 

New Rules

Even though this song is about getting over an ex, the camaraderie between Dua Lipa and her girls is simply amazing. With girlfriends like these, what more do you need?

Hey Girl

In the spirit of women supporting women, this number by Lady Gaga and Florence Welsh shows the beauty of female friendships. In an age where pitting women against each other is common, this song calls on women to stand by each other. If we don’t unite, we cannot overcome all the barriers ahead of us. Then all that our predecessors fought for would be in vain.



Whenever I hear this song, I immediately think about all the women in my life. All they have had to put up and deal with; all they have had to overcome. Women take on a lot (most of which they shouldn’t) and somehow they are still made to feel like they don’t do enough. As soon as you are done going through this list, go and appreciate all the women you know because they are extraordinary.


This is one of my favourite songs. Life can be so messy and painful. But as a woman, I fight. I rise. I just have to. I am a woman; it’s what we do. 

PS: If you still haven’t read Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’ and ‘Phenomenal Woman’, what the heck are you waiting for?

Run The World

I’m just gonna say this for those at the back who pretend not to hear: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE


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