to hell with armistice (the rebellion’s official manifesto)

the rebellion manifesto

i have a gun
between my legs
and I’m not afraid to shoot

each bullet
will rip through ribcage
nail your heart
to your spine

you’ll fall back
wide eyes
your own gun, limp
between your legs


yeah, in this epic
the victim is Victor
the villain dies
and girls grow up
lodging guns
deep in their vaginas—

be afraid.
these girls are an army
lined in ranks

they had the balls guns
to fight for themselves
since no one else


what was genocide
is war today

be afraid.
if I was you
I’d run


in the 1940s
my grandmother
was easy on men—
she just bit their dicks
when they tried to rape her

but this is 3014 and
we are a new breed.
if they won’t teach boys peace
we will teach our girls violence.


I would apologize for
my crude language
but i’m tired of
censoring words to protect
you from the truth.


Anyway, in this epic
the victim becomes Victor
and the villain dies.
when my grandmother’s ex
forced her down on her knees
her hands turned into gauntlets
and her skull into a helmet.
she dug her teeth in his dick
and tore
he punched her head
knocked her to the ground
but when he stood
his legs ran red.
She laughed, unlocked his room
and walked out.

If you want
don’t heed this warning.
But if I was you
I’d run.

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