The progress of a nation is when individual citizens know how to handle the problems facing them out of the many problems existent in the nation’

_Tongjal N. Elisha.

Since the first day of October in the year 1960, Nigeria became an independent nation. This led to freedom from territorial dominance by foreign nationals. Independence comes with a demand for a nation liberated from colonial dominance. This means she should be able to manage herself towards sustainable advancement in every segment of its existence, far from where her one time suppressor left her.

This year Nigeria is 60 years as an independent nation, counting from 1960 to date. Anniversaries, amidst the frenzy and jolly it brings, compels the celebrant to self-assessment. As a citizen of Nigeria, I am a celebrant of this story. In order to assess properly, I think it is important to define clearly the variables I should look at when embarking on such an exercise. To this end, I consulted the wisdom of the aged. I engaged my parents in a conversation to understand better. 

You may critique this source, by questioning why I did not consult a professional in this regard(maybe a historian). I despise in no way what the relevant authorities in this regard have to offer, but I believe that the family is also a place of learning. Therefore, my seeking from my parents. Your family may explore what such conversations can afford our nation.


The conversation started with the question: How can we measure(or assess) the progress of a nation?

They replied: In my opinion, we can measure our progress as a nation by assessing the input of individual citizens; in terms of how much and how far individuals have gone in idea generation and implementation of these ideas for positive impact towards progress on the nation. I believe the progress of one is the progress of all.

Awareness and infrastructural development has improved in our journey, as a nation, from 1960 to date. All of these are results of the input of individuals who are learning how to handle their challenges and problems in life.

Consider the economic aspect of our nation amongst the other areas. You will discover that our progress as a nation has so much to do with individual inputs. Major industries like Dangote Group of companies and Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing co. Ltd. are good examples of private enterprises that have contributed to our nation’s progress. One person strives to solve a problem and others key into the vision. Such ventures provide opportunities for empowerment for many others, touching the lives of one person after another. With these few points and many more, I can’t mention at the moment informs my belief that: the progress of a nation can be measured by the progress of individual citizens. When every citizen knows and is learning how to handle the problems facing them out of the many problems existent in the nation. Thank you! Happy Independence! I wish you an inspiring Diamond jubilee celebration!


You will agree with me that to know and learn how to handle the problems facing each one of us is the responsibility borne by education. This, therefore, places education(in its diverse forms) as an important variable in measuring the progress of a nation. How well have we met this need as a nation?

I will like to read what your opinion on this matter is and how we can improve as a nation, outlining first what role we can play as individuals to that effect.

Thanks for reading! I wish you an inspiring 60th-anniversary reflection and assessment!

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