International Day of Education 2024: Interview with Esther Adelana

Esther Adelana

Esther Adelana is a phenomenal young woman with so much drive. She has so much passion to see people become better versions of themselves and this has led her to execute so many passion projects. Esther has accomplished so much at a fairly young age and she celebrates International Day of Education by sharing her story, hoping to inspire many more people to pursue their passion.

 I believe  a new Nigeria will emerge soon!

Hello Esther, can we get to know you?

My name is Esther Adelana and I am passionate about changing lives through public speaking and writing.  I earned a certificate in Leadership from the prestigious GOTNI Leadership Center, Abuja and African Center for Leadership, Strategy and Development, Abuja.

Also, I am professionally certified in; Human Resources Management (HRM), Customer Service and Relationship Management (CSRM), Project Management, and Health Safety and Environment (HSE) level 1 & 2,

I have trained in several corporate bodies, including  the Nigerian Labour Congress, Lagos Chapter. I have also been hosted on programs on NTA, and the Nigerian Police Radio – 99.1 FM.

Furthermore, I am a researcher, and a participant of the African Research Councillor Programme at Wheeler Institute For Business and Development, London Business School. As a Creative writer and cultural administrator, I have a B.A  in English, and a PGDE in Cultural Administration.

I am an Educationist, I have a Nigeria certificate in Education in Economics and Social Studies. Also, I am a member of the African Youth Union Commission Nigeria, where I served as a Senior Programmes Specialist – Education in 2021.  

I am an author, I have published books on Christian living/inspirational genres, among these are; “The 360° Woman”, ‘Goal Setting Blueprint’, Profiting From Purpose’,  and “Glorious Adventure” etc.

As a lead strategist, I lead TEA-PRIME LEADERSHIP ACADEMY. An organization committed to the holistic growth of persons through programs, conferences, training, and outreaches. I have been working with my team since 2018, to host a Purpose conference: An annual leadership summit for educators, transformational leaders, undergraduates, and emerging leaders.

Why did you study the course you studied at university? What informed your choice?

My dream was to study Law, but I had no plans of practicing it. I just wanted to study Law because it was my childhood dream.

However, I ended up studying English. I never applied for the course. Some Nigerian Universities have a way of changing students course even if you got more than the cut of mark. When I saw my offer letter I was surprised. I couldn’t imagine going to school to study English, because I am very good in English language and I started writing stories in English when I was in primary school. My mom encouraged me to accept the offer, claiming that it aligns with my passions; reading and writing.

I like reading a lot, and studying English was one of the best decisions I made because it has helped my public speaking and writing career.

Esther Adelana

I know you are a Writer, Leadership Coach, an Author and so much more. Can you tell us more about what you do?

Yes, I am all these and more (Laughs). I started writing as a kid, but officially launched my public speaking career in 2017. As an undergraduate I hosted a leadership summit for my fellow students and students in secondary schools.

I was schooling and traveling for events. I launched my first book when I was in 200 level. So, many people were amazed by the knowledge contained in the book. I remember vividly that on several occasions  students were surprised whenever they discovered that I am the author of the book. They knew the name but didn’t know the face.

My public speaking career is a product of my writings. People knew me as a writer, before they started inviting me to speak at their conferences.

I had to break away from my comfort zone (introversion), so that I could be a better speaker.

Speaking has helped me achieved more. Since 2017, my team and  I have hosted leadership summit that have trained over 2000 participants and I am so happy that we are equipping more youth in coming years.

Did you imagine doing all you are doing as a little girl?

Yes, when I was little I was fascinated by books. I’d pick an exercise note. Write stories in it, give it a title and name the author as Adelana Esther (Laughs). I love my name so much on things – books. Also, I was so little, and I didn’t know about personal branding then, but the thought of having my name on things makes me excited.

I haven’t been able to achieve all my dreams. I am not currently living the life of my dreams, but I know I’m on the right path to it.

If the passion, is what can bring you opportunities in the long run, then it’s worth investing your all in. However, ensure you get a means of livelihood, so you won’t corrupt the essence of your passion.

Do you think having formal/informal education is important? How has acquiring an education changed your life?

Yes, having a formal education is a great advantage. There are opportunities I would not have been able to access if I wasn’t educated. People can ignore your appearance, age and size but they can never ignore your education. Many people pick interest in me because of the value I always bring to the table, and this wouldn’t be possible without education, self development and upgrading. I will encourage everyone, especially the Girl Child to be educated.

If you can’t get formal education, engage in informal education. Be skilled. Have value, always have something to offer.

What will be your advice be to anyone trying to branch out of what they studied formally at the university because of a burning passion in their hearts? Especially with the current uncertainty about the current economic situation and challenges that may come along the way?

Well, passion is good but passion without money isn’t always sustainable. It’s good to follow passion, however if you know what you’re passionate about is a social impact project that requires you to invest money in it, get a source of income first. Unless, you have alternative means of earning then you can pursue that passion.

If the passion, is what can bring you opportunities in the long run, then it’s worth investing your all in. However, ensure you get a means of livelihood, so you won’t corrupt the essence of your passion.

Finally, if you were in a room with our Minister of Education and you had the privilege to advise him on how to make the educational system better, what will your advice be?

I have always wanted the opportunity to speak with the Minister of Education. Recently, I visited the Nigerian Governors’ Forum with a technical working committee group I was working with to propose and discuss solutions to the problem of our of school children in Nigeria. We discovered that the problem is that of policy influencing and implementation. Who wants to take responsibility for monitoring funding? Who wants to take responsibility for ensuring that no pupil is found on the street? Until we all take that responsibility as common citizens things won’t work. The government needs monitoring. The students in the streets need to be encouraged by means of government and private incentives  scholarships, and  trainings.

Fortunately, if I were with the Minister of Education in a room, I’d advise that policies that ensures that no pupil should be found on the street should be set up. There should be public and private monitoring groups to ensure this also, there should be a system that ensures the security of graduates. In Nigeria, we keep churning out graduates without a hope of job security. What is their hope after the compulsory one year service?

Until, we have a proper structure towards all these, then National development isn’t guaranteed. I believe  a new Nigeria will emerge soon!

Thank you so much for your time Esther. I trust your story will inspire young people like us around the continent. Wishing you the very best with all that you do!

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