There WILL BE A Country

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There Will Be A Country

Our Great country turns 60 today. I know somebody rolled an eye at Great Country but Nigeria is a Great Country.

I’m not a blind optimist so I won’t pretend that Nigeria is in good condition – Nigeria is in a terrible state – a highly unfortunate one but Nigeria is full of potential and is still in my opinion one of the Greatest Nations on Earth.

Many point to the forced marriage of 1914 as the Genesis of Nigeria’s problems and a sign that Nigeria shouldn’t exist. But I want everyone reading to pause and appreciate the miracle of this union surviving 106 years. We had to survive for 46 years under Britain but 60 years and a brutal civil war later, we have remained a Union. We have so adapted to one another that we are actually closer to being one nation today than we were 10 years ago. Some Nigerians keep shouting separate Nigeria but trust me, we would all feel the sting of separation.

Nigeria is like one big pot of soup. Different ingredients with different flavours but together a beautiful elixir – Any cultural festival would reveal the beautiful combination of Nigeria. The feats of our people are remarkable. Somehow God blessed Nigerians from every part of the country with extra brain and energy and creativity. We might not be the giant of Africa collectively but we host Africa’s Giants.

What’s my Aim in writing? To inspire you to not lose hope in Nigeria and do what you can to change Nigeria in your little corner. Nigeria’s problem is from the top – from the ruling class who have held us captive and we should fight to remove them from office. Our system also needs to be better structured. But while we fight Nigeria’s ills from the top, I want to encourage you, find one area and do what you can to change it. Illiteracy is everywhere in our country as well as poverty. Find a project and invest in it.

I have compiled a collection of Articles I wrote under the Not All Heroes Wear Capes Series and Impacting Nigeria Series for Sarauta Magazine. I hope these stories of super cool Nigerian youths – even those yet to be written – inspire you to believe in Nigeria and act on your belief.

Sarauta Nigeria Heroes

Nigeria will forever be our country and Nigeria will be great! It’s just going to take time and collective effort.

As I prepare to conclude, I would like to ask a question. When your children sing of the labours of Nigeria’s Heroes Past, would you be one of them?

We owe it to the future generations to be the generation that flipped Nigeria’s story in the Right Direction.

In conclusion, I would like to rewrite a statement the Great Chinua Achebe tilted his book after – THERE WILL BE A COUNTRY.

Last modified: August 26, 2021

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