The Kaka Tribe of Taraba

Kaka tribe


The Kaka tribe is located in Gembu, Sardauna (Mambila plateau) of Taraba State, Nigeria. 


c. They are peace-loving people, great hunters, and farmers. They claim to be one of the best tribes in cultural dances and music in Nigeria.


Focusing on the marriage aspect of the Kaka customs and traditions, this is what you should know. The bride price is a common aspect of the culture, and it is paid in part, not in full like in other cultures. It happens this way to create more avenues for family reunions. For example, when a man gets married to a young lady, he pays her bride price in part, and after the first child has been born, he is obliged to pay another portion.

It doesn’t matter if you have the means to pay in full from the onset; you are still advised and expected to pay in bits. Although this custom usually happens when the marriage is between individuals of the Kaka tribe as it creates more opportunities for family reunions and meetings. It is safe to say that the Kaka seize every opportunity to meet up and have a good time. They are also known for great works of arts and crafts.


Quite a number of the Kaka people are known to be scholars who believe in Western education like the Yoruba people. Besides farming, they are also business inclined.


They have a special soup that is a favourite among the locals (though its origin is still uncertain) called Kumbi. It has a bitter taste, as the bitter leaf soup, but it is very healthy and nutritious.

Today, I have just shared a highlight of the Kaka people of Gembu. If you have more information you would like us to share, please drop a comment.

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