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Owe You Shit

Written by Yusuf Ahmed

Firstly, I believe it’s important I state this; I have no issues with my parents, they provided a foundation that has helped me in every aspect. My parents also share this idea and hence it was passed down to me.

My parents raised us up to cater for ourselves. They went through thick and thin to make sure we had all we needed to excel in life and they did this without passing the message that we owed them anything. This has given us the freedom to experiment and grow to a level where a lot of our peers can’t or struggle to.

I am not an ungrateful person and I know my plans for my parents and I know quite well the length I have gone to make them happy and would continue to.

My problem though with parents is that they think (or make it look like) they are doing their children a favour by raising and providing for them. I see friends and family members going through life with way too much pressure because their parents didn’t get their shit together when they were younger and now it’s up to them to carry both burdens on their heads.

Hence the reason I am taking the time to write this is to inspire our generation to get this right so we could possibly raise happier and more successful kids.

To the would-be Dads and Mums, one thing is clear; there’s no rule anywhere that you must have kids, so when you decide to, it’s best you raise them up with the mindset that they don’t owe you shit and you are only fulfilling your responsibilities as a parent.

I have no kids right now, but I am going into fatherhood with the mindset that it’s my responsibility to provide the best environment for my kids to succeed and thrive in this increasingly crazy world. I am working this hard because I want my kids to have the best things in life and also help them explore life to the fullest.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be the kind of parent that would depend on my kids for anything, I want to have all I need to retire and enjoy life when I am old which is why I think the way I do.

Your kids, don’t owe you shit, nobody is forcing you to have kids, don’t put any unwarranted pressure on your kids and let them enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Last modified: April 13, 2021

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