About us

Sarauta Network is an organization set up by young Africans to curate the culture and experiences of Africans around the world. A community of like-minded young, driven and passionate Africans making collective efforts to change the narrative across Africa and aid social and economic development. We curate African cultures & experiences, one story at a time.

Our Mission

To foster a positive change in the image of Africa. Our target will be to work beyond national borders to unite Africans from all parts of the world to share cultures, stories and insights that can inspire the desired change.

In doing this, we see ourselves as the channel for empowerment, partnerships and support across the continent and beyond. Our strength lies in our intricate diversity as a people with the choice to see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. As for everyone that works with Sarauta, there is a great possibility of breaking new doors and building up great connections across the World. We believe it is an opportunity that will inspire a new dawn across Africa.

Our Team

David ‘Kuko’ KwewumFounder/Media & Marketing Team Lead
Iyenani ZabadiAdmin/Writer
Tobii SanwoEditor/Writer
Oyale AdejoCo-Founder/Head of Operations
Joy MacksonEditor/Writer
Perehrat Sambo-DajuEditor/Writer
Samuel NkumeCreative Director
Balpolam Danladi IdiEditor
Stephanie SimonEditor/Writer
Samuel OjoResearch & Development
Nenkinan Nehemiah DeshiEditor/Writer
Chidera EjehEditor/Writer