What Makes a Colour Bad?

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What Makes a Colour Bad?

A few years ago, a post on the internet asked several people to draw a monster. After drawing, the people were then asked, “what makes a monster, a monster?”. On the surface, it’s a simple question but at its heart is more complex reasoning. Think about it.

The typical answer might be horns, scary teeth, an ugly face and the like. But that could also just be the description of a goat. What truly makes a monster a monster is more intrinsic than any physical or physiological description. It is thought and action. It is knowing the difference between right and wrong but choosing wrong anyway (*asides from the grey areas that arise in all philosophical discussions on morality and ethics).

In almost the same vein, I want to ask, what makes one colour, a wrong colour? What is the difference between black, white, red and yellow skin? The world we live in today boasts of many things. Taking astronauts to the moon, building impeccable skyscrapers, finding cures to ailments, connecting people so much so that the words “global village” are almost cliché. Yet, the physical property of light that we perceive- what we know as colour- is still a problem.

You cannot slap someone with dirty hands and call them filthy. We have accepted being black; it is our pride, it is our authentic form which can never be taken away. If we can accept that, then accept when in the name of a colour, people become murderers, cold-blooded killers, kidnappers and rapists. Judge then, who really is the monster.

In the Bible, Jesus told his disciples that someone who is healthy does not go to see a doctor. All lives may matter, but black lives matter more.

Last modified: March 28, 2021

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