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Don’t we all wonder what Twitter is turning into this year? One minute we drop our phones and the next, we are seeing a whole life’s story on Twitter. It might not be our business but it sure breaks the boredom.

Today’s juicy gist is about a girl Mimi, who spent her whole money on this Jackdre guy who is an Influencer on Twitter. I do not even get the rave about twitter influencers, to be honest, talk more of their ability to swindle people. Women especially.

So Mimi calls him out on being a fraud. She says he keeps asking her for money routinely, that she sometimes went as far as borrowing just to please him. She said that she’s given him $600, $1200, got him Airpods (rich Twitter) and even offered him a Range Rover which he asked to put in his name! The audacity! Oh, and did I forget to mention $8000 for Christmas, $20000 sent in total as transfers.

Imagine all this money spent on one person in this economy guys. It could have landed a property.

She also says that she began to do this after he asked her to send a picture of her palm. Jazz maybe? because she corroborated her story with the one she claimed he also did to her best friend while they were still dating. (Yes Mimi is/was dating her friend’s ex). He asked for her pant from the US and she sent it to him. Imagine sending panties from the US to Nigeria, wild! The next thing, that one was at his beck and call too.

Apparently, things got out of hand the moment she was not able to solve all his needs again. He got angry and threatened to leak her nudes. Mimi then comes to Twitter to rant and both begin releasing receipts to back up their claims. He claims she’s just angry because she’s been trying to woo him for 2 years and he just wouldn’t budge. He knew this because he had screenshots from his ex telling him about Mimi’s feelings about him when it started and how he should be wary of her. In all these receipts, he proffers no denial whatsoever about collecting such huge sums of money from this girl. All he denied was the ‘jazz’ and implausibly too, I’m sure his ex thought she was talking to a responsible man. I think Mimi thought he just genuinely started liking her after shooting her shot. Little did she know that he might have seen her as his next clean road to success.

This Jackdre guy is always fussing on the timeline about women who ask men for money. He’s just an Influencer after all, following herd opinion. Look where he is at now. In just one day he was accused of prostitution, fraud, and being a ritualist.

This could be true or just be someone catfishing to gain clout, but we need to be careful. Let’s not throw away our senses when we’re in love. This yahoo thing is on a serious rise now and we do not want to fall victim to both other people’s greed and ours. Please let’s be careful out there. Your number of Twitter followers does not equate to worship. Let’s be guided.

Also, let us know what you think. Yahoo or just plain love? I would post a link where you can find it, but it was hot on there and no specifics. You can find the story on subdeliveryzone on twitter or just hashtag Jack or Mimi.


Last modified: April 13, 2021

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