Treat yourself with a plate of Banga

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Banga lovers, Oya roll in here.

Since today is Saturday, I thought it’d be nice to do something different for the weekend, hence the reason behind today’s choice.

Today’s choice is Banga soup or Ofe akwu (my Eastern friends would know this). This is the native soup of those in Edo, Delta and the South-Eastern region of the country.

It is my pick of the week because it is tasty, nutritious and satisfying.

The ingredients used to prepare it include:

Palm fruits
Fresh pepper
Dried scent leaves (some people prefer fresh though)
Banga spices (optional)
Smoked fish
Salt (very necessary)
You can add okpehe, if you wish

Wash your palm fruits, then boil your palm fruits until it’s tender enough, bring it down and allow to cool a bit.

Mash your palm fruits (You could use mortar and pestle) till it becomes soft, then use a little hot water to wash and separate the chaff from the main banga puree (Don’t use much water during the process because you already have the banga sauce).

Wash your meat, fish and all the protein you wish to use and set in a pot, add a little onion, salt, and maggi to taste and allow to boil until tender, set aside.
Grind your crayfish, pepper and all other ingredients and set aside.

Get a clean pot, sieve the banga sauce again to remove any trace of chaff, and set on fire to boil for some time till it gets to a point of consistency, then turn gradually and add all other ingredients ranging from the meat, salt, spices if any, crayfish, pepper then cover and allow to boil again.

Stir and check for salt, finally add your scent leaves, allow to simmer and then bring it down.

Boil your rice or beans or yam or anything you wish to eat it and serve.

Have a bangacious weekend!!!!

Last modified: April 17, 2021

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