What We Learnt From Falz’ Awesome Surfing Skills!

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During the first week of May 2018, the world of the internet was flooded with loads of buzz, reactions and reviews, when Childish Gambino unleashed his ‘This is America’ video on YouTube.


Childish Gambino’s video is breathtakingly graphic in its portrayal of some of the issues which cut across the racial divide in America and the irrationality behind pointless killings aided by inadequate gun control and overt racism.


The video is nothing short of a massive success! At the time of writing this article, it had 314,598,666 views on YouTube!


It was necessary for us to give you (our dear reader), a bit of context before turning our attention to the great surfer – Falz! Our homebwoy, rather than sit back and be amused by Childish Gambino’s creativity, decided to spin into action and produce magic! Afterall, Nigeria has far more socio-political issues and complex challenges which make it the world’s number one when it comes to ridiculousness.


In a masterful display of how to ride a wave, Falz produced his adaptation of Childish Gambino’s video – now known as ‘This is Nigeria’.


In my opinion, Falz’ This is Nigeria even ended up being better in a couple of ways, than it’s ancestor (Childish Gambino’s – This is America). Here are my reasons:


  1. He had better lyrics hands down. Compare the two and you will find that this is pure facts.
  2. He touched on far more issues than Childish Gambino was able to do. This is a pretty impressive thing to achieve under 4 minutes.
  3. Despite having a lower budget by far, he managed to pull off some great scenes full of imagery and profound symbolism.


More than topping the performance of Childish Gambino (except for number of views on YouTube and the interesting dance moves, Lol), in the way that he rode the massive waves, Falz is an inspiration to every young African.


He has taught us that we can be more than consumers of creativity; we can create too. He has shown us that we need to be active and ready to take lifetime opportunities when they come. Moreover, he has shown that we can make even more out of what we have received. That we can reconstruct, reshape and recreate art forms to fit our context.


Are you poised to take advantage of the opportunities which may come your way? Surfers don’t create waves but stay sharp and ready to ride them when they come. You can do the same. Falz’ This is Nigeria had 6,878,682 views at the time of writing and has gained the praise of some established artists such as P.Diddy amongst millions of viewers all over the world. Wave surfers reap great rewards in our day. Will you be one of them?

Last modified: July 3, 2018

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