The New King: Olu of Warri

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There’s A New King In Town!

The Ogiame Atuwatse III, formerly known as Omoba Tshola Emiko, has been crowned as the 21st Olu of Warri Kingdom.

The coronation today in the ancient city of Warri in Delta State with many traditional rulers and political leaders in attendance.

Born on April 2, 1984, to the then Prince Godwin Toritseju Emiko, who later became 20th Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse II and Gladys Durorike Emiko in Warri, the new monarch is a descendant of Olu Akengbuwa.

Olu of Warri, The Ogiame Atuwatse III

The Olu Title and its History

According to Bini and Itsekiri histories, Olu Ginuwa, a prince of Benin Kingdom founded the Warri kingdom about 1480. In the 15th century, it was visited by Portuguese missionaries. At the beginning of the 17th century, a son of the reigning Olu was sent to Portugal and returned with a Portuguese wife.

Their son Antonio Domingo was Olu of Warri in the 1640s. Olu Erejuwa, who reigned from about 1720 to 1800, expanded the kingdom politically and commercially, using the Portuguese to further its independence of Bini and to establish control over a wider area.

Warri later served as a base for Portuguese and Dutch slave traders. Warri became a more important port city during the late 19th century when it became a centre for the palm oil trade until it became the provincial headquarters for the British early in the 20th century.

Warri Kingdom & Religion

The Kingdom of Warri has remained predominantly Christian since the coronation of its first Christian King/Olu Atorongboye also known as King Sebastian I in 1570, within a century of the foundation of the Iwere Kingdom. The Warri Kingdom has since held on to its religious practice of Christianity amidst the Traditional practice This explains the significance of prayer, praise and worship during the coronation today.

As celebrations fill the air, it is important to note that on the 21st day of the 21st year of the millennium, Ogiame Atuwatse III, formerly known as Omoba Tshola Emiko, was crowned as the 21st Olu of Warri Kingdom.

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