Spice up your holiday with Nigerian coconut rice

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coconut rice

Public holidays are rest days. Times to relax, to hang out with friends and to try new things. This includes trying
new dishes.

Although it looks a lot like the Nigerian Jollof Rice, it has a different taste and aroma.

Today we’ll talk about the Nigerian Coconut Rice. This recipe is an accepted in many homes, parties or events.




Coconut Milk

Meat stock or plain water

A medium sized Onion

Ground Crayfish

Any seasoning of your choice



Method of preparation

Parboil the rice,  then grind or slice the tomatoes/peppers. Also parboil the meat (beef, goat, chicken with all the necessary ingredients.)

Then add water about five minutes later and allow it to cook till it is soft.

Fry the meat after boiling it.

Place your pot on the fire,  heat the vegetable/groundnut oil and fry the tomatoes.

After frying the tomato, add the meat extract, the coconut milk, maggi and more salt to taste. Allow to boil before adding the rice, cook for the next 20 to 35 minutes until it is very soft.

Nigerian Coconut Rice can also be made plain without stews or tomatoes, making it look more like plain boiled rice.

Make your sallah a memorable one by giving your loved ones a treat with this sumptuous meal.

Last modified: April 17, 2021

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