Spending Friday Nights At Home

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Thank God it’s Friday! (TGIF) And you have the entire weekend ahead to relax and also do some of the things you could not do during the past five days. Friday nights mean a lot to me. It is the time I reward myself with something nice, especially when I am aware that I was productive during the past five days. Spending a Friday night at home instead of staying out in town is pretty relaxing and restful.

If you haven’t had a good night to yourself lately, here are a few things you can do tonight with your family or friends or all by yourself:

Read A Book

Pick up a book you have always wanted to read and get yourself a glass of milk. If you are not interested in books, watch that movie you have been anxious to see. Catch up on shows you missed during the week.

Treat Yourself

Stop by a local grocery store on your way home and get some ingredients to cook your favourite meal. If you do not want to cook, buy some snacks or foods you like and eat them at home.


If you have to clean up your room and bathroom, do it. Rearrange the furniture in your house and clean the floors. You can start tonight and finish up tomorrow.

Play Video Games

You may want to do this with a friend, a brother or a sister or alone. However you want it, game it.

Call Someone

It may be a friend or a relative you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. They might be in another city or country, reach out to them via a phone call or a video call.

Create Something Amazing

If you like to draw, draw out anything that catches your eyes. If you like to paint, paint a picture of a loved one. Write a story or a poem. Design a dress. Use your talents tonight.

Learn A New Skill

Learn a new way to tie a scarf, knit, to style your hair. And if you have a language learning app you have not got the time to use, use it tonight. Learn a new language and try some of the exercises. The possibilities are endless.

Read Your Bible Or Qur’an

We can’t do without the LORD. Finally, read your Bible or Qur’an and pray before you call it a night.

Avoid doing anything that is work-related. It’s Friday and you should be relaxing.

Last modified: April 14, 2021

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Spending Friday Nights At Home

  1. Nasisi says:

    Oh! How I love weekends ?

  2. Tobi says:

    Great ideas for a Friday night!

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