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Hello! I’m Nani and I’m super excited to go on this journey with you.

A little bit about me: I’m in my twenties, I love, LOVE music and novels. I’m super introverted but can rise to the occasion with the right company. I’m really passionate about people and playing my part in the positive events in their lives. I am a true believer in the saying that goes something like ‘if you cannot help someone, then do nothing that will hurt them’. Another thing about me is that I think a lot. I find solace in processing my thoughts and experiences on paper. 

Now about this column and why I decided to take it on: I find it really sad that in an age where everyone seems to be connected, it seems that some people are lonelier than ever. Depression and suicide rates keep on rising. People find it hard to truly confide in each other. Social media at first seemed to be a source of release for people but now, you cannot genuinely post a comment without being trolled. And so, authenticity becomes really difficult.

In this column, I will be sharing my opinions on so many topics or concepts either through music/lyrical reviews, book reviews, movies reviews or a plain and simple real life experience. My hope for this column is that it lets people out there who have had similar experiences know that they are not alone. I hope it also offers them a safe place to share their thoughts, concerns, questions. For those who may not think the way I do, I hope this column at least enlightens you about the differences we all have. I welcome dialogue. Tell me what you think, what you agree or disagree with. I want us to relearn how to have honest conversations with each other. 

I said I’d keep this introduction short so thank you for stopping by and reading. I look forward to conversing with you in the nearest future. I’d also like to thank Sarauta Magazine for giving me a platform to express and share my thoughts with the world. I can be reached at novasnuggets@yahoo.com and you can most definitely drop a comment below.



Last modified: April 12, 2021

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