Our Team

David ‘Kuko’ Kwewum

Founder and Team Lead

David holds a Bachelor of Art in Media Production (moving image) and Masters of Art in Marketing Communications. Through his field of study and practice, he has been able to learn and practice professionally as a freelancer and in organisations as freelancer and staff at different levels in the media production and marketing sector. As such he has worked with startups across the media, entertainment, leisure and marketing industries and has a desire to play a role in the development of stronger markets through adequate marketing and innovation. In summary, David is a media and marketing enthusiast passionate about local and regional development in Africa.

Dorcas Bitrus

Editor in Chief

Dorcas is a passionate creative, a writer and film maker who expresses herself through literal and visual art.

Oyale Adejo

Head of Operations, Writer

Oyale holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science which has enabled him to engage in research and analysis on different issues relating to his country. He is currently working on a journalism diploma and a Master’s degree in International Relations.

He believes Africa has a viable market in the media space and is determined to utilize this potential to spread the African story beyond the shores of Africa.

Oyale is an avid lover of Hip-Hop and Arsenal football club. Oyale is a true creative at heart.

Samuel Nkume

Creative Director

Samuel is a psychology graduate, with experience in human relationships and content creation. His desire to understand human behaviour informs his mindful but entertaining approach. Samuel is fuelled by his passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural advertising and entertainment. He sees himself as a ‘forever student’, eager to both build on his academic foundation in psychology while in tune with the latest trends and strategies for entertainment through continued coursework and professional development. Aside from work, Samuel likes to play ball games, see movies and hang out with family and friends.

Joy Mackson

Editor, Writer

Joy is a James Bond fan.

“My family and friends call me Jojo. You can call me that too.”

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

Balpolam Danladi Idi


Reader, writer (when I get myself to stop reading and start creating), traveller. A people person except when hungry, sleepy or low on personal time. Ted Dekker fan! Northeast Offspring.

The world is a large book with so many stories and so many pages. If you don’t flip, you’ll be stuck with only one narrative. If you don’t write, you’ll let others narrate your ending. 

Samuel Ojo

Research and Development

Samuel loves a good story, be it fantasy, or history, or politics. He spends his time searching for them, thinking about them, and occasionally writing about them to make space in his head. You can find him with his head inside a book.

Iyenani Zabadi

Administrative Manager

Being a type two, I love dedicating my time to meaningful projects like Sarauta. As a wing one, I love order and efficiency so much so that I find fulfillment in ensuring things are just right.

Life is chaos, success is completely arbitrary, and confidence is everything.
– Gina Linnetti