Nike’s Plus Size Mannequins

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Many of you may have heard about or seen images of Nike’s plus Size Mannequins. I personally found out about it on Tuesday when I logged on to Instagram. I was really surprised to see the uproar and backlash from so many people. What did Nike do wrong? I still need a good answer.

I am plus size and let me tell you now that I wear two bras to work out. TWO! Do you know why? It’s because I can rarely ever find a sports bra that fits right. If it does fit, it costs 2 arms and most of a leg. If I pay that, what would I have left to exercise with?! When I saw that mannequin, I was really happy. I was over-joyed actually. As a big woman, when I go to the store, there are usually no mannequins in the plus-size section. In fact, there are many stores that do not have plus size sections! But that is a rant for another day. 

Nike has decided to do something that, to be honest, they should have done a long time ago. But it’s better late than never right? Let me speak for myself and say I am grateful that they are making efforts to better their organization by acknowledging a group that would love to make use of their products. Whether they did it for publicity or whatever, all I know now is that I, Nani, a beautiful plus-size lady can confidently walk into a Nike store and walk out with something other than shoes or socks because I am now aware that they have something that will fit me.

Instead of an uproar, we should be calling on other clothing stores to follow Nike’s lead. I really would like to see a mannequin that looks like me in the next couple of stores I visit.

Before I sign off today, let me leave you with some facts that I hope you take to heart:

  • Not all people that are big or fat are the way they are because they are lazy. You may actually find that I could withstand a marathon in which a person half my size cannot complete.
  • It is completely rude to assume that people are fat because they spend all day stuffing their faces. You don’t know their story and even if they do spend the whole day stuffing their faces, mind your damn business.
  • Fat people work out too and so they need gear and clothing that will cover the present body they have.
  • If you are a fashion designer reading this, please I beg you, consciously think of us too when designing stuff. We like to wear nice clothes too.

Nike’s plus-size mannequin is an important leap.



Last modified: April 15, 2021

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