My Visit To The African American Museum

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My Visit To The African American Museum
In honor of Black History Month, I thought I’d share about my visit to the African American Museum. On Labor day, most museums in DC are free except the Bible museum which had me upset because really? All these other museums are free but the Bible museum isn’t? Anyway, I digress. In this post, I will share with you all I observed during my very short visit. 
Atmosphere Inside the Museum

The first thing I noticed was the all-black staff in the museum. There were tons of people but it was not noisy. It was almost as though there was some command to be as quiet as possible. There was this air of reverence and so I wasn’t even sure if I was allowed to be taking pictures. Therefore, I will ask that you guys manage my unprofessional photos. Finally, there were Caucasians touring the museum as well. My friend that I went with is caucasian.

Key Sections We Toured

There were different sections and there were so many things to see. First, we went into the section that in my opinion had to do with the beginning and arrivals to the US. There we saw things like a seat from one of the boats and personal effects of key persons from African American history. It was cool.

The next section was the journey of slavery into the West. Now, my history teacher Mrs Kura was very thorough in her teachings and I was a good history student. So I went in there like ‘Imma know if they get some detail wrong’ but there really wasn’t a whole lot about Africa, to be honest. Just that they were taken and little details about that. The rest is about all that happened after which makes sense as the museum is called the African American Museum. There were narrations and videos being played to help paint more of a picture. We got to enter a restored train that was segregated – had a part for black people and apart for white people. 

The final section we visited was the one that had to do with freedom. It showed people like this guy on the left who played a part in delivering important messages during the fight to abolish slavery. It highlighted the states that were in support of this abolition. I took a photo of him because he looked cool with his little hoop and braids.

Gift Shop

There were of course a lot of cool stuff in the gift shop but they were hella expensive. So I left with a cute key chain that says ‘Black Girl Magic’ because yes, a magnet and some postcards. All in all, it was a nice tour and I am happy that the African American community finally gets to tell their story. I would like to visit again and take more time to look through all the sections.

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My Visit To The African American Museum

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