Following the death sentence passed on Maryam Sanda by an FCT High court in Maitama on Monday morning, the social media streets have been busy as a lot of people expressed their views on the matter.



Adams Mustapha @Adamsmusty01 wrote “In my opinion, this is judgment well served. #MaryamSanda”

“I honestly feel like the court should rethink their final decision. In this day and age, a death sentence is wrong. What she did was unthinkable . What happens to her child?”, tweeted Zeeya @zeeya49509287.

Another Twitter user Shuaibu @ishuaibuu said “So disheartening, may we not find ourselves in such a terrible situation and may Allah forgive her.”

Kamal Rafa @angon_wata who was emotional as shown in his tweet wrote “#MaryamSanda is sentenced to death by hanging, what happened between her and the husband was totally bad, but the question is; how would the two kids grow without mum and dad, isn’t that alone something, physically weak walahi. I’m presently feeling for the kids”.

MC Luster @luster_mc who stated that she should be forgiven, wrote “Please you people should forgive her. Remember, to err is human but to forgive, divine. If you never commit sin before in your life, let me see you. #MaryamSanda #maryam”

For Ibiam @official_ibiam had a different view. He tweeted “For me, justice has not been served by the mere sentencing of Maryam Sander to death by hanging. Justice will be served when she’s actually hanged. Many people who got death sentences many years ago, still live in different correctional centres across the country. #MaryamSanda”

Jasper Atas @ManlikeJoa noted “Lesson learnt from the Maryam sanda’s case is “it’s not worth your life. If it gets so toxic, Move out”. I pity the two kids that will end up being orphans. #TheLawIsTheLaw #MaryamSanda”

Facebookers were not left out of the drama as they also had what to say about it.

“She doesn’t have the right to end someone’s life. But the deed has been done and she has to pay for it”, wrote Salome David.

Mark K Renddels wrote “She deserves a second chance too”.

Timbyen Bonkat Kpanja who also agreed that Maryam should be punished for her crime added “but not the death sentence”.

“Women should learn how to control their tempers”, stated Blessing Nerat Dong.

Dorcas Ayuba asked “How can you sentence a nursing mother to death by hanging”?

It would be recalled that the police filed murder charges against the accused on November 23 2017 for the death of her husband, Bilyaminu Halilu.

However after several trials and appearances in court, the final judgement was passed by Justice Yusuf Halilu at an FCT high Court in Maitama.



Written by : Eseohe Ebhota-Akoma

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