I Overcame

Written by | Poetry

I overcame

My trial looming

Sadness lasting

Tears overflowing

Wound not healing

But I overcame

My apparel getting tattered

My flesh becoming leaner

My beauty appears fading

Emotion seems unstable

But I overcame

My weakness so glaring

Their whisper getting louder

Hatred ascending in numbers

Challenges undeserving

But I overcame

My heart shattered and broken

Hands girded in chains

Feet held in shackles

My every step took me back

But, I overcame

The screams in my head getting louder

Hope seems far fetched

Visions blur and unclear

Waves raising

My sky looming

But I overcame

My courage did not fail

My action kept my going

My dreams became my reality

My willpower became my motivation

My persistence became my sweat

My ability became my influence


I overcame

Last modified: April 6, 2021

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