How would you react to your parents’ rejection of your partner?

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It’s a problem that is probably as old as time. Grown children don’t always choose the mate their parents want them to marry.

In other words, they see it as being “old-fashioned” or “old school”.

However there may be reasons why parents take such decisions. But the question is “how would you react if your parents reject your choice of partner/spouse?

Would you: a) walk away or b) stay and convince your partner to get married to you?

According to a social media poll I recently conducted, 40% said they would walk away and 20% stated that would stay and convince them.

Doris Ezike responded in two ways. She said “If it is just one person out of the many, I would stay.”

She added “But if the rejection is coming from almost all of his family members or especially his parents… then I won’t give it a second thought. I will leave to avoid “Had I known” in the nearest future”.

A journalist Judd-Leonard Okafor simply stated that he would walk away.

According to the article “When Your Parents Disapprove of You” by Marie Hartwell-Walker on, it stated “Bridging the divide is important. If you and the person you love aren’t clear about your commitment and the compromises you are willing to make to be together, the constant disapproval, whether stated or seething under the surface, can undermine your relationship.”

“The child of the disapproving parents is caught in a terrible bind. Listening to and responding to either side makes the other feel abandoned, unloved or disrespected. The partner who is the focus of dislike may feel constantly under pressure to prove her or himself to be worthy”, it added.

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