How to prepare yummy Oha/Ora soup

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Ndi Igbo……Umunnem n Umunnam,  ndewo nu oh.

Oha soup is a delicious and tasty soup that can be made with palm fruits extract (Akwu or Banga) and eaten with any ‘swallow’ of your choice.

It is my pick of the week because:

1. It is a rich source of Vitamin A because it is made with extracts from palm fruits (banga).

2. It contains other highly nutritious sources of protein, minerals, vitamins etc.

3. It is delicious and yummy? ?

The pictures below describe how it is prepared.


Steam your meat with only salt and seasoning – Knorr cubes, Maggi,  Royco.

While your meat is on the fire, pound your Akwu (banga) and extract with warm water.

Put the extract on the fire and allow it to boil.

Then wash your stockfish and dry fish with warm water to get rid of any unwanted dirt or ants that might be inside the fish and put inside the extracted water from your palm fruit.

Allow to cook while you pound or blend your cocoyam into a smooth paste.

Add your ground crayfish, pepper, salt and seasoning for taste.

Add the pounded cocoyam and allow to boil and dissolve.

Add your Ogiri to the soup, let it boil for some minutes and dissolve into the soup.

With the ogiri included, your neighbourhood will be filled with the aroma of your soup. ??

Add your sliced uziza leaves and simmer for two minutes, then finally add your oha leaves.

Cook for few seconds then bring it down.

Your soup is ready and you are good to go???

Serve with any swallow of your choice (I prefer pounded yam though)

Last modified: April 17, 2021

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