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Growing up in the North (Jos, Plateau state), one of the best memories I’ve had is enjoying their delicacies – food and drink (But I’m not a foodie oh….Lol)

When it comes to food in the North, it’s in abundance (I’ll write about their different types of food and how to make them in subsequent posts). Drinks nko? E plenty well well.

One of such drinks is the tasty KUNU DRINK.

That’s why it is our ‘DRINK OF THE WEEK’……Lol!!!!

There are two different types of KUNU – KUNUN ZAKI (Millet drink) and KUNUN AYA (Tiger nut drink). But today we’ll talk about how to make KUNUN ZAKI.

To make your healthy Millet drink (Kunun zaki), you’ll need the following ingredients:

– Millet (1-2 mudus)

– 1/2 cup of sweet potatoes (Fresh or dried)

– 1 tablespoon of Ginger (fresh or dried)

– 1 teaspoon cloves

– Sugar

– 2 Litres of water


– Wash millet to remove sand particles

– Soak millet for 10 hours (preferably overnight)

– Then wash out in the morning (to remove any smell)

– Add you ginger, cloves and sweet potato  to the millet and grind.

– Mix the grounded paste and divide into two parts. Set one part aside.

– Boil some water and pour into the remaining paste and stir until it is thick (just like pap).

– Leave it uncovered and allow to cool.

– Then pour the other part (the one you kept aside) and stir (it will eventually become watery, which is okay)

– Allow it to stay overnight.

– Sieve it in the morning, then add your sugar to it.

– Store in clean containers – bottles, jerry cans etc.


Flow chart of how kunun zaki is made




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