Dreamer’s Dreams

Written by | Betta Yans


I laid in my bed this morning and wondered as I heard the sounds of my thoughts in my head; they were like the sound of a fast-moving truck, horning so loud to alarm the attention of pedestrians. “When did the world go Stevie Wonder on me?” I managed to say. I had a million plans and a billion dreams. I marvelled at my potentials – unknown to the world – because they never paid attention to me. I spent many nights, which I lost count of, with hurtful fingers and a cup of coffee at my side – tired of writing my plans; my dreams. I wrote until I became numb.

And every morning when I wake up, I wake with more dreams and new plans driving like wizards in my head. I grab a pen and a strip of wood to design my ideas, and each time I feel like I can’t, I flip the strip over and scribble my feelings. I scribble until I could see them translate into ink in more than a page because the world does not care about a dreamer until they see the dream. And fear isn’t even worthwhile when all you could think of is how to make the world see your dream. So, when fear came, I acted oblivious to the triviality because I am a dreamer with sleepless nights and it is not something a pill can cure.

One of the drivers in my head stopped me in my track and said, “Dream all you can; dream as much as you can; dream as long as you can. Don’t stop there – believe. Give it some of your breath.” I realised it’s a process widely known. That realisation birthed another kind of awareness that I have successfully taken the first step of the process, and now I’m taking the second step. In fact, I have neither moved forward nor backwards; I am still standing on the second step.

It revealed a truth to me. A lot of people are taking their first step. There are others, like me, who are taking their second step, while a few others are taking the last step. One thing is common about these people, including me – they all made a choice. The people in the first stage made a conscious decision to dream. Some of the people in the first stage made another conscious decision to believe that they can make the world see their dream. Hence, the people in the second stage. And those in the last stage that have given life to their dreams are a product of the second stage who took a risk in making a choice.

Whichever stage you are at, you are doing fine. And you can move when you are ready until you get to the last stage. If you are on the last stage, you can do better by holding the hands of the other people and walk them through the steps ahead – we rise by lifting others.

Tonight, I am not going to dream for I have had too many unrealised. I am going to take a break. Then, I am going to focus on laying the foundations of these dreams and find essential materials to build them up. I am going to do all I can to put up a building because I am not only a dreamer, but also a hard worker.

Last modified: April 8, 2021

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