Impacting Nigeria; Ahmad Tubo and Ednue Initiative

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Nigeria and Africa at large have a lot of problems - some conspicuous - some not. It's easy to point a hand at corruption and poor governance, etc. but one mistake we make is we often overlook the roots and want to treat the symptoms. For example, bad roads in Nigeria is not the root problem it's a symptom and effect of Lack of Accountability and Poor Governance which is a symptom of exploitation in Politics which is a symptom of lack of proper education.

Impacting Nigeria: Eno-Obong Edem and the Lafia History Learning Center

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At the beginning, I hadn’t envisioned that the project would be a history library or anything related to my course of study. I studied History and International Studies at the University of Jos and was posted to a Government Secondary School in Lafia to teach history as a subject to the junior students. I soon realized that the school had never had a history teacher neither had they learned history before in both the junior and senior classes and the students were grossly oblivious of the basic history of their nation. Maybe the senior students had a glimpse of some Nigerian history but in general, they were not informed about it. Funny enough, the State had already began the mandatory addition of the subject to  secondary school curriculum yet teaching aid and materials were not provided.

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