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Nigeria as a country is blessed with numerous creatives in different fields especially the field of art. Due to the numerous talents in this field and the lack of proper channels to publicise these works in the country, a lot of wonderful talents go unnoticed and remain below the radar for too long. We at Sarauta Magazine have decided to curate the works of some of these creatives in the field of art. For this reason, we will bring you the works of five creative artists on a monthly basis. These are our artists for the month of August

Rufus Praise 

Rufus Praise Chinedum is a young artist from Abia State, Nigeria. She obtained a National Diploma in Fine Arts and a Higher National Diploma in Graphics Design from the Institute of Management and Technology in 2015 and 2018 respectively. She is a Still Graphics Designer and a painter. Praise has participated in several exhibitions and workshops including Life in My City Art Festival (2015-2018), Photo Africa Workshop (2017 & 2018) Art is Everywhere Workshop (2019).

“I developed an interest in art at the age of 5, I could draw objects better than my mates in primary school and in Junior secondary school then, I was the only female from my school that was selected to participate in the Science and Art Exhibition for Junior Secondary Schools in Ogun State in 2009.”

Her artistic influence is Dr Ayo Adewunmi (Art Director, Graphic designer, photographer and painter)

Basically, her type of art is conceptual and the art material usually used is Pastel

“Well, the Art market is quite tough and challenging I must tell you. But if you are good and have good works you will always survive. I put up my work for an exhibition last year and then it took a long time after the Exhibition before I got it sold even though there were a lot of buyers but their price poor.  I sold the work out cheaply to a collector in other to meet some needs. The experience hurt but I managed to survive during that period. Sometimes one tends to make a lot of money, other times things seem unfavourable. But we need to keep pressing on as the Art practice requires patience and resilience.” 

Praise feels she is still fighting hard to really penetrate to some measure where her value weighs much. It is her dream to get to a point in her practice where whoever acquires her Art has a real asset. She, therefore, keeps improving her Art every day in terms of concept and style. She wants to have a standard signature for her art and also wishes to be internationally recognized for her pastel painting. “How I paint today is different from last year. I’m going to be exploring new possibilities.”

You can follow her social media for more details

Instagram: @art_of_praiz

Facebook: Rufus Praise

Isah Ali


Isah Musa Ali is from Katsina state but he was born in Lagos. He had his primary and secondary school education in Lagos then his bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna state where he majored in Art education. He is currently a freelance artist in Lagos

“I can’t really tell when I developed an interest in art because it’s something I grew up with. I will rather say it’s inborn. Having an artist Father made Art developmental stages easy for me cos I was in an environment where people made art and due to that, I started scribbling at a very tender age. The interest grew when I got close to my Dad’s worker and friend Mr Ayo who was a Carver. After school, I used to watch him turn a huge log of wood into animals, humans, trees and so on. He was one of those that mentored me into studying Art at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Growing up I would skip assignment for drawings and in primary school, my books went from 40 leaves to scraps of papers just for drawing which always landed me in trouble with my teachers but I became more responsible when I grew older.
I bought sketch pads and comics which were my references for drawing at the secondary school level.”

The works of contemporaries like Akinola Ebenezer, Ben Ibebe, Bolaji Aremu, Ibe Ananaba, Duke Asidere and many others, changed the way he perceives colours and figures. But nature which is life itself is his greatest influence as an artist.

His works basically revolve around painting, drawing and designing.
The materials used are oil, acrylic and watercolour paint, charcoal, pen, graphite pencils.

Market painting

The challenges he faces is having the right channel to push his works to a wider audience and lovers of Art.

“My plans for the future is to have my works on display at galleries around the country. Then have my first Solo exhibition with more to follow. I also plan to keep producing more mind-blowing artworks as I have always dreamed of.”

You can follow his social media for more updates

Instagram: king_isah_musa_ali   

Facebook: King-isah Ali Musa

Oni Shola Abiodun 


Oni Shola Abiodun hails from Ekinrin Adde, Ijumu Local Government Area of Kogi State. He had his Primary and secondary education from 1997-2009 in Kogi State. He then proceeded to study art at Ahmadu Bello University from 2012 – 2016.

“I developed an interest in Art in 2002 when I saw the carved walking stick that was presented to my late dad on his coronation day as the Akinrin of Ekinrin Adde. It had several images of people depicting the norms and value of the community. It was so beautiful and ever since then, I told myself I am going to study art at the University and choose it as a career.”

He has a lot of artistic influences but he says Prof. Jerry Buhari and Dr Khadijat Tijani have influenced his life and his works in many ways.

Oni does realistic drawings and mixed media. The type of materials used is based on what he is creating at that moment. For realism, charcoal, pencil, cotton bud, Bristol brush and fixative are used while for mixed media he uses fabrics or bathroom slippers. 


The most common challenge he faces is the lack of efficient materials in creating amazing artworks. He also feels that the value placed on art in Nigeria is quite low. It is just some of the elite that have some level of exposure that know the value of art and very few are willing to pay any price to acquire art pieces.

“My plan is that I continue to make amazing artworks that I can impact human lives in so many ways and relate it to some of the things that are happening around us that we may not pay attention to. I am a Christian and I also plan to use my God-given talent to serve him more, either in the church or anywhere at all.”

You can follow his social media for more updates

Instagram: @onishola18
Facebook: Oni Shola Abiodun

Ruthiana Oladayo Alimi


Ruthiana Oladayo Alimi also known as Ruthiana Art, was born in the city Lagos and she grew up in Iyana Ipaja.

“My interest in art developed when I was in Basic 6. My big sister’s Egyptian – like drawings and my environment are my artistic influences.” 

She does basically digital drawing, pencil drawing, bead making and leather works. She draws digitally with her drawing tablet and uses any material she finds interesting for others.

Ruthiana pointed out many challenges. “First is being truthful with yourself, your principles, and being able to make art your way of life (Most artists live precariously). Secondly, we live in a society where art isn’t held with high esteem, Art is only appreciated by few.”


She plans to create a voice through her art (activist), speaking about social problems and how to manage them.

You can follow her social media for more updates

Instagram: @Ruthiana_art   

Facebook: Ruthiana Oladayo Alimi

Faith Gaye Michael 


Faith Gaye Michael was born and raised in Bauchi State, Nigeria. He developed an interest in art as a little boy watching his dad who also is an artist.
His major influences are his environment (depicting the hardships in the nation and bringing that to the awareness of the public for a change). His Dad and art teacher were also really influential in his art. 


“I’ll call my set style Neoplasticism (geometric abstraction) with Afrocentric Themes.
I use acrylic paint on canvas.”

His major challenges are publicity, finance and reliable clients. 


“I hope to own an art firm that frequently organizes art exhibitions and art lectures across the nation and International for the younger generation of artists.”

You can follow her social media for more updates

Instagram: maikiel_yungin  

Facebook: Maikel Yungin

NB: This is a monthly feature by Sarauta Magazine. If you are a creative or know a creative you can send your work to info@sarautamag to get featured

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