Apollo: The Album

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As we countdown to the end of 2020, the Sarauta team have decided to share their favourite African albums of the year. So today, I will be starting us off with my favourite album of the year which goes to ***drumroll*** Apollo by Fireboy DML!!! Let me just say right off that I am a huge fan! To prove how much, Spotify shared my 2020 stats and they speak for themselves!

Apollo: The Album                       Apollo: The Album

This album from the very first track Champion was hot! All the songs sounded different and very quality. I never feel the urge to skip because I never get bored. There were some super smooth transitions like the one between Shade and Friday Feeling. To top things off, I have lost my composure in public too many times because I would suddenly break out in dance seeing as this album has so many bops! As soon as I hear ‘Mufasa baba Simba…’ the rest is history! 

I think one of the things that drew me in with Fireboy from his first album is his depth. His songs are not the usual ‘girl I like the way you look, dance for me let’s go’. There is more. He personalizes the other person he sings about, and more importantly, he personalizes himself; he’s not just one-dimensional and I really appreciate it. I think what has been missing for me in a Nigerian male artist is what Fireboy brings to the table because his songs are fun, super relatable, and just pure gold.

So in summary, Fireboy is incredibly talented. Like this young man is doing one of the things he was born to do. If you have not listened to this album, what are you waiting for? Get into it!!!

Stream here: Apollo: The Album

Last modified: April 29, 2021

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