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Today, I have decided to use Tiger Woods in a very brief pep-talk on overcoming. So for those of you who don’t really know the story, here’s a brief recap:

Tiger woods is a golfing legend who has won many golf cups in his time. He got married to Elin Nordegren a model from Sweden in 2004. Come 2009, Nordegren found out that Woods was cheating on her. That revelation opened up pandora’s box as she got to find out that Woods had been sleeping around throughout their marriage and had been with over 120 women. He is reported to have spent tons of his money on escorts. Anyway, he was checked into rehab for sex addiction (because something was obviously wrong) and Nordegren walked away with some 72 million pounds of Wood’s money (you go, girl!) But let’s not get carried away by the whole cheating thing, it’s not our topic for today.

Woods messed up and he messed up bad. He lost almost everything: no wife, shattered reputation, most of his wealth gone, sharing custody for kids and the crippling judgement of the public. And hey, I am completely against the cheating husband probably more than the next guy but you gotta feel sorry for this guy a little bit. You may even ask, ‘who hasn’t made a terrible mistake?’- even if it’s the same mistake, over 120 times. But you see how bad things can and did get right? Well, hold on because it’s actually where things get super interesting (in my opinion).

In 2010, Woods returned to golf after his self-imposed break. I believe that his decision to return was one of the most important steps to turning his life around. People talked, and boy did they say all sorts of nasty things. I even remember thinking he was really bold for putting himself back in the public eye. But Woods did what most of us are afraid to do; he pressed on. For eleven years he worked hard,  gradually climbing back to the top and on Sunday the 14th of April, 2019, he won the 2019 Masters Cup. Amazing!

So very quickly now, let me share the moral lessons:

  • We all do stupid things that blow up in our faces. It is important to acknowledge those mistakes, apologize and make peace with everyone involved but most especially yourself. I think Tiger did this or was in the process of doing so and that was why he was able to put himself back in the game. Sometimes, as much as you look forward to the forgiveness of those you have hurt, you need to learn to forgive yourself too.
  • Mistakes are not a death sentence. Sure life as you know it may be over but there isn’t only one way to live life. People make lifestyle changes every day. Change yours and do so for the better.
  • People will always talk. Always. Try not to let what they say define you. I’m not going to tell you not to pay attention because it’s really hard not to do so especially when people talk right in your face. However, if what they say breaks through to you, try to take their nasty comments as constructive criticism. Sometimes, things people say can draw attention to actual things you can fix about yourself. Never pass up an opportunity to improve yourself.
  • Lastly, that voice that tells you ‘there is no coming back from this or ‘if you admit your wrongdoing no one will care for you anymore’ or something to that effect, that voice is lying to you. And since this is Holy week, I’m going to go ahead and use the crucifixion to bring this home. Jesus knew He was coming to die for sinners who will never deserve such a sacrifice but He did it anyway. If there is one thing Jesus proves to us is that there is nothing you cannot come back from. Sure people will be hurt. You may even lose relationships but I assure you that you will sleep better at night and one day the pain will go away or at the very least, become bearable. Plus, the only One (God) who really matters loves you unconditionally. When you go down this road and get to this point, you will realize that it is enough.

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Last modified: April 14, 2021

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