Still on the trend of favorite album of the year, my favorite album will have to be….A Better Time by Davido. It’s one thing to release a good album and then release a better one the following year. Not all artists were able to achieve that this year.

ABT was a long-awaited album as it was scheduled to be released in July but was delayed due to the Pandemic (COVID-19).

Prior to the release, David gave us a peep into the album after he released FEM,

“why dem come dey para

Para para

Para for me”.

The release of this song was so timely and valuable during the Endsars movement. FEM became the number one song in Nigeria and was also on the Billboard charts for 7 weeks and peaked at number 3. This made me anticipate the album even more.

The album was later released on the 13th of November and wasn’t short of expectation for me. It boasts of 17 tracks and a host of top artist like Nicki Minaj, Chrisbrown, Nas, Lil baby and a host of others. I’m a huge fan of music, so when I tell you this is a good album you better believe.

What’s my favorite track on the album?…well, I have more than one favourite. Maybe up to five, trust me they all hit differently. Form singles like  Jowo to Very Special and Heaven to featured tracks like Holy Ground, Shopping Spree, The Best, So Crazy and Birthday  cake.

It’s no surprise how it found its way into the US iTunes chart.

He builds his singles on resonant lines that can easily imprint on people’s psyche. These are lines that one can repeat without even realizing.

One thing that got me with this album is the correlations between the title and the album cover. You don’t need anyone to explain the message he’s passing out.

A Better Time comes hot on the heels of A Good Time. If A Good Time was meant to soundtrack a party, A Better Time was meant to celebrate where he currently stands in his life.

I know I said it’s my favorite, but it’s not just me, my friends are listening also?


Written by : Samuel Nkume

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